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Storyteller's Circle

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Avengarde is a thriving city stronghold in the sky. Those that inhabit the city are called ocell, a race of sturdy, winged people with a penchant for magic. Once a studious, artful society, the ocell expanded their presence over Aelora. Eventually, the era of The Sealed One had them fleeing to their stronghold, where they isolated themselves from the world.

As the events of The Sealed One came to pass, the ocell built themselves anew. In order to ensure their survival, they delved into the art of war. They picked up their spears and harnessed their magic for battle.

Centuries later, the ocell have deviated vastly from who they once were. Their political hierarchy is determined by their talents in magic, combat, and a head for fair judgement. Families arrange marriages to the most powerful suitors for a chance to create favorable heirs, trying to boost their status in society. Many have adopted a pride that breeds vanity and poisons the early teachings of Anareth, their first god.

The city of Avengarde seems like paradise. There is little poverty, the streets are clean, and the people are free. At a closer look, there are many flaws within its workings, both with its council and the people they rule.
Need to host a large roleplay? No worries! In an effort to meet the needs of our players, we offer personal forum space for large play-by-post roleplays and tabletop games. Features available include multiple sub-forums for sorting threads, tabbed threads for organizing information, an integrated bbcode dice system, google document embeding, moderator privileges over the roleplay's forums, and optional co-GMs, and a custom feature on our front page slider. We also offer personal chatroom space for large roleplays.

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"A mighty and grand fleet looming in space silently may be a mental image that inspires grandeur and awe, but the process of creating one is something that can seem titanic and terrifying. It is an undertaking that is sizable and time consuming, but like most things in life, it can be done if you set your mind to it and create a plan..."