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 Galactic Legacy

Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by ChelonianCommander, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Littlemankitten

    Littlemankitten I heal you, I hurt you. I heal you again. Forever

    An interesting month would be the way the Holy Protector would describe these recent events. With the first actual contact of an alien race as well as finding of many new valuable resources on many of the planets that have been colonized. It was all quite exciting. These 'Vurax' as they called themselves were very unique and exotic to the sentinels. All the evolution models that the sentinels had came up with had always predicted that the only species able to gain sentience would either be mammals or reptilians. Sentient insects were an oddity that they had never expected. Once word of this new species got to to the public, practically the entire species wanted to go and meet the newcomers and find out every little detail about them, some were even making plans to move to the planets of this new race despite the fact that no one really knew were they came from yet. In a way it was pandemonium. Things did quickly die down however, though the way the entire species thought was forever changed. Either way, The Holy Protector was still wary of these Vurax, he was still unsure about their intentions, and until he knew more about them, he could not let his people do anything concerning them.

    In terms of research, outposts have found something termed "living metal". This name was a fitting description of the material as no matter what is done to it it will always try and retain its original forged shape. Even more interesting was the fact that the property did not activate until after it was made into a shape, meaning its original extracted form is not affected. The Holy Protector had immediately issued orders for plans to refit all of the navy's ships with a layer of this material for added protection. Another very interesting discovery was Luxio dust. This dust could turn deserts into fertile farmlands when it was being tested, and more was already being isolated and extracted for further use in the empire.

    Elsewhere things were less interesting. The Navy's ships had built their respective outposts and where for the time being halted for the empire to collect itself, lest it collapse from over-expansion to quickly. A new ship was also ordered to be made. Roughly the same size as the Lookout and Shepard, this will hopefully help with the expansion and defending of the Sentinels territory. The time to make it was projected to be half a year at full production speed. Until all this finishes however, the Holy Protecter continued to gaze at the stars, he was surprised by the Vurax, and he continued to wonder what other surprises could show themselves.
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  2. CaerBear

    CaerBear Active Member

    The Artamentous sat idle behind the far moon of Sheanov IV, its crew ordered to maintain all forms of silence. None were to move about the all-but-invisible stealth destroyer, save for its captain and her bridge crew, and their personal attendance slaves. Anyone caught doing otherwise were jettisoned from airlock, and while that alone was not instant death for their kind, it was more than enough to ensure obedience. Avyka was having none of these xeno's games, and their constant pestering at communication was beginning to fray the end of her nerves, and for a female who could rip through Zorium with her bare hands, this was a dangerous game for anyone to be playing. The tap of her claws on her ship's navigation controls was punctuated by a sound of metal screeching against glass as she punched in a new heading for her darling ship. Seven degrees to port, twelve point eight seven zero seven degrees to galactic north, a new position that not only have the Keltan clan follow the orbit of the moon they were hiding behind, but also put them far enough out of the way to avoid the probe...but not by too much. Which, of course, was the Grandwraith's plan.

    "Helm crew, follow the shadow closely, as closely as we can without being pulled into its gravity well. In the mean time, break the cloaking field and engage a low level tractor beam, coupled with a containment field and a sensor disruption wave. Medium frequency will serve. I want that...thing, whatever it is. I want to study it. Have it brought into cargo bay three, and have our best engineer slaves begin dismantling as soon as its brought aboard."

    Quietly, the Keltans did as they were told, flitting about through the corridors with surprising grace for creatures so large and brutish. Almost as if they glided across the sleek metal flooring, rather than stomping as their gait would suggest.
  3. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron Journeys of Anteceon GM

    (Skipping Arthus)

    With then news of the destruction of the Manifest at the hands of an alien race known as the 'Sentinels' reaching the ears of the Vurax, Khebb now had more problems to deal with. More then half of his current council of 170 are now leaning towards an isolationist ideal, with a quarter of that half making plans to do war with the aliens. Khebb was of the opinion that the Vurax needed to have at least peaceful attitudes with the aliens, but with the pressure of the majority Khebb was nearly forced to close all talks of trade with all alien nations when he stated that the Vurax is now outnumbered on two fronts. He argued that they must not be be so hasty to make enemies, and should an alien force attacks Council space, the Vurax must be open to allies should the worst come to bare. His arguments weren't infallible but they were enough to shut down any talk of isolation from the larger galaxy. Still he must make the compromise that they must first focus on their people while making alliances with alien nations became secondary in the Vurax's list. For now they will solve their own problems, mine their own planets, and grow their own borders.


    With the Manifest in ruins, the Forge Master in charge of fixing the ship, Forge Master Drecs had much to do. He had the general engineering drones salvage and repair what they can, but they can only do so much. The finer and more complicated parts of the ship needed to be fixed by claw. Day and night he worked using an apparatus that allowed him to do delicate work on the Manifest's systems through the movement of his claws. When he would run out of metals, he would meet the Sentinals in person, escorted by a dozen Grunts and Pawns of course, to request the desired materials to fix the ship. When Drecs had the available time, he would visit the planet accompanied to see what did the planet needed to offer for the Council. It was rather difficult for him, as he needed to deal with many, many peering eyes observing him as he walked through the streets, escorted by Sentinel Guards. Still the attention was rather nice. The ship needed extensive repairs so it will take him at least 2 months to finish.
  4. Mizzrym

    Mizzrym Active Member

    --K'duine System--Black site C053--
    Gentle foot steps echo along the empty depths of a sickly lit hall way, rusted walls and stained floors wheeze out their abused colors in the broken light. Walking for what seemed like hours never turning off the worn thrall of worming pipes and shuffled steel plating welded to the ground without rime nor reason only to come upon a single door riddled with weapon damage, the back drop of a nasty yellowish light staining the door shakes as something behind them moves.

    "ignore it, feed the slot that card they gave us" whistles out an unknown voice from the group.

    "Yeahyeah" hums another as the shuffling of hands frees a glossy rectangle with some complex etching on its face.

    The slot on the door eats the card and sounds out a horrid grinding as whatever was behind them goes away with a metallic clicking, it slides open after sinking into the room some fading out of sight as its drowns into the shadow of the room. Black abyss glares at them as subtle sounds of life hint to their being, A click sounds out as a hazy white light turns on to show a table surrounded by the silhouette of chairs.

    "wont you sit?" A female voice ask from the darkness.

    "Eh? Females?" the smaller man between the two others squawks out rudely while brushing his neck "Haven't seen one of em in a long while ehh? heh heheheh" The male to his right gives out an affirmative grunt as the one to his left ignores and sits down at the table. ". . ." The other two shrug and sit down near him as the metal on metal harmfully wounds the air as this unknown female pulls her chair out.

    "why are we...here?" the male to the left ask softly as the male in the middle slams down his arm into the light showing off an arm of scars and meek alterations "Well--sugar-scales, ye'gonna speak? 'ell'us why ya brought us down to yer foken rusty tail shit show?" The male on the right once more just gives an affirmative grunt.

    This unknown female slides into the light a single plain folder, opening it as a tactical overlay turns on with a fizzy electric hiss. "Hello, Welcome and thank you for coming. I take you are alert to the happenings in the past few months yes..?"

    Male to the left leans in to see the over lay while petting his chin "We met with some aliens...right"

    "Yes" The female snaps "These aliens are kind so far but have the power to change shape, many security problems with that alone, however, they command a lot of resources and technology we don't have right now and may need. we cant trade nor can we steal it..officially" The group sits back as the male in the middle speaks " So'tough tails sugar scales, da'hells you want us to do about it" Rattling fingers nails along the metal table.

    Her hand peeks out from the shadows she sat and points to the folder as the tactical overlay changes to show the new System Zostrurn, images of the meeting of leaders and the Travel path high lights between ships and planets, plans for building an detailed info on security screening. Wire frame spheres of many colors branching out from forlan ships and Aysilian ships alike.

    The females hand flees back into the shadows as she spoke "You--sirs Have been chosen due to your past pirating, you each ran a group of scum that abused the war time of the past to make a living off others. We want you to do it for us now. You will become Privateers for the Empire and...Give back to the...Our people."

    The group of three men shuffle and look at each other, the man in the middle leched out of the shadows to dive into the haze white light on the table " And if we do this for ya...wha'do we get eh?"

    A click sound is heard as the overlay changes to view three ships "You each will be rewarded with a highly customized ship, each made from the ones we impounded from you at the time of your capture. On the grounds you finish all mission objectives while keeping your anonymity you will be given full pardons and allowed to keep your ships."

    "And the mission?" the man on the left ask

    "You will go to the Zostrurn system, you will learn all trade paths, you will travel along their own systems and others then you will Capture vessels, Steal every thing you can when you can, Kidnap all aliens. Bring it all here for testing. Ensure you target both Aysilian and alien craft, you must not be linked back to official channels."

    The male in the middle sits back as the two by his side looking speaking in silence, the male to the right rustles out his scratchy voice "...When ...do we start?"

    --K'duine System--

    Fleet en mass has marshaled at the edge of the system, New Qwyun FTL elements completed for interplanetary travel but wait on flux of goods from Forlan trade, Massing energy for Across system FTL jump.
    65% repaired fleet and repainted.
    Anti-alien technology, Counter Alien Technology hubs constructed within New Qwyun. Scientist and engineers in training. [Only on Forlan, Still no physical samples yet]

    LRMB Dreadnought, 600 gunships, 800 Shield craft Pull out of the system and FTL to System Sutune. Construction of trade lanes, General public shipyard contracts are now open. Trade floor, free market and other servicing platforms still under construction.
    --System Gufleyturn--

    Formal Mining operations starting on Gufleyturn II, Civilian contract workers inbound, RLV[Reusable launch Vehicle] orbital station and terrestrial station complete, still planning formal mining/harvesting operations.
    ---> Dark matter, Aphrodisiac

    --System Sheanov--

    "Mmm so they took it did they?...they are indeed up to something..." gleefully humming out his observation as the signal of the probe goes flat, Yui'hurt Stands and with a commanding voice tipping on amusement he speak"Remodel Our High Energy Impact Rounds! fit them with a depleted uranium rods from the beam weapons, Fit them with a cobalt coat and Aim for the edge of that moon orbiting Sheanov I. Next time it comes around fire four rounds at the same time and give them a timed detonation!" Sitting back in his chair Yui'hurt smiles "That much radiation would give any one trouble"

    Rolling his knuckles Yui'hurt commands more objectives "In hope this works, the Burst should make a heavy haze that won't allow them to get readings, could even harm the cloak they have. let us, in this shadow of radiation fire too another probe within the shell of a missile."

    "What should we have it do sir?" ask the tactical helmsmen

    "Why, what else? A greeting of course" Yui'hurt says with a grin. The helmsmen frills his brow some.

    *The rounds are fire with extreme speeds and take less then 30 hours to hit this target however the missile takes a small while to reach the same speed meaning if the ship hiding moves out of the moons shadow could sense the missile but only for a small window as the HEIM rounds would be inbound.

    They are altered to be like a RDD [Radiological dispersal devices] type weapon and make a massive field of Radiation, The nature of the weapon and the fact its going to skim just the surface of the moon means the space around the moon itself will become thick with radioactive material, the cobalt coat makes it worst. If all goes well the rounds hit and will see how force them out only to be bothered by the probe spamming fuzzy greetings through the radiation, the probe will stay close but meaningfully away so any actions on it can be observed but only if their cloak is weaken or knocked out by the attack otherwise it would just search for its target till a new command is given.*

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