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 Interest Check  Full  Modern Fantasy Recruiting: "Secondary"

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by inkdragon, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. jrusso20

    jrusso20 Acting Maniac OZ GM Ame Damnee GM Deus Ex Machina GM

    Any chance you could have enough room for one more player?
  2. inkdragon

    inkdragon Understandably Confused

    @~Nemo~: Sure, you can join! Let me or Brooke know if you have any questions making up a CS.

    @TheGreenerGrey: CS looks great! I think Oliver's gonna fill a really interesting niche in this whole story. Small thing, though, how attached are you to the name? We already have an Olivia, and I swear to god, I'm gonna end up confusing stuff if their names are that similar. Sorry, I'm Weak.

    @jrusso20: You can join, but I'm capping it here, officially marking the thread full. Again, let me or Brooke know if you have any questions.

    To everyone, once we've approved your CS, you'll be added to our OOC group chat, and we'll work you into the posting order as soon as we can.
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  3. jrusso20

    jrusso20 Acting Maniac OZ GM Ame Damnee GM Deus Ex Machina GM

    Awesome, thank you :3
  4. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    S'all good. How does Harrison sound?
  5. inkdragon

    inkdragon Understandably Confused

    Sounds great!
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  6. BrookeDi

    BrookeDi Give me the time at half past never

    @garlic @jrusso20 @~Nemo~ are any of you still interested in joining? I don't want to rush if you are, but if not we might open back up for more recruiting. :)
  7. ~Nemo~

    ~Nemo~ An Odd OZ GM Ame Damnee GM Deus Ex Machina GM

    Yes, I'm joining. I just need time to work on a character sheet. Probably will after work if I don't get off too late.
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  8. jrusso20

    jrusso20 Acting Maniac OZ GM Ame Damnee GM Deus Ex Machina GM

    I've actually changed my mind. My other Rps are keeping me busy, so I'd rather not take on another now. Sorry about that.
  9. BrookeDi

    BrookeDi Give me the time at half past never

    Not a problem, no rush! Just wanted to make sure there was still interest.

    No worries! Completely understand.
  10. garlic

    garlic an important addition to any meal

    sorry but I'd have to say the same as jrusso20 up there

    plus i've got some stuff coming up irl so there's that
  11. BrookeDi

    BrookeDi Give me the time at half past never

    No problem. Completely understand. :)
  12. Ailis

    Ailis meep

    Name: Lilyanne "Lily" Vos
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Secondary Status: Spellcaster, but if you'd asked her parents they'd say she was possessed by an inhuman spirit.

    Appearance: Lily would be described as willowy, standing at 5'7" with a slim frame that makes her appear as though any gust of wind could knock her right over. She has an angular, pale face specked with dark freckles. Her eyebrows are thick and dark, the right brow sliced in half by a straight scar that starts just above her brow and ends just above the crease of her eye. Smaller, fainter scars are splashed around her face, but are hard to see due to her freckles. She has large, dark brown eyes that are often squinted as though she's trying to see better (which she is, she'd probably benefit from a pair of glasses), and an unruly mop of curly black hair that barely grazes her shoulders.

    Her style typically consists of a gray-green bucket hat that she had found on the side of the road and dark clothing.

    History/Background: Lily was born to two non-sec parents who happened to be very, very superstitious. Her life up until she was eight years old was relatively nondescript, besides her first beloved dog passing away when she was six years old. Everything really began with small objects moving on their own, normally just when Lily was alone in her room. It seemed to happen whenever she was feeling strong emotions, whether they were good or bad, but being such a young girl, Lily thought nothing of it. Her parents were mostly oblivious to what was going on, besides often getting confused as to how their car keys would get from the kitchen counter to above the cabinet, where Lily most certainly couldn't reach. Midway through her 11th year was when her parents found out about her powers, or what they believed was her demonic possession.

    Lily's mother had been reprimanding her for eating chips before dinner and decided that Lily would no longer be allowed to go sleepover at her friends house that night. As soon as Lily began crying, a cupboard door flew open and various cups toppled out, smashing onto the floor. Her parents were completely spooked by the phenomenon and began watching her closely.

    They began to notice the way that objects moved on their own when Lily was in the room and they soon learned that their daughter was a caster. Like most of the mundane, her parents were not fond of secs. However, their beliefs made them convinced that secs, casters in particular, were possessed by demons.

    That was the beginning of three years of what Lily would define as hell. She was taken out of school, but was home-schooled so she wouldn't fall behind in education, and the house she once thought of as home was now filled with priests. The priests weren't horrible people, they were nice to her for the most part, but they kept calling out to the demons that they believed were inside her and threw holy water and prayed to try to drag them out when they wouldn't come out on their own (probably because they didn't exist). Lily was subjected to three years of failed exorcisms, which brought along forced solitary, lack of proper nutrition, and a deep, dark anger towards the mundane. How could people be so ignorant? She never saw that her parents may have been trying to help her, and probably never would.

    Her parents finally realized they were wasting their time when she was fourteen and decided to tell the church to leave. They debated shooting their daughter, as it would eliminate at least one sec from the world, but they couldn't bring themselves to do it and kicked her out, telling her that if she ever did return they would most certainly find it in them to kill her.

    She has since spent her life hopping from covenant house to covenant house and trying to continue her education. Her magic is dark and still out of control, having no one in her life that can help train her to use it. She hopes that one day the mundane will be subjected to the horrors that she and other Secondaries have been through.​

  13. BrookeDi

    BrookeDi Give me the time at half past never

    Approved. The link to the active thread is at the top of this thread. Feel free to read through (at least the most recent stuff) and find a comfortable place to post in. I'll be adding you to the OOC conversation now. :>
  14. ~Nemo~

    ~Nemo~ An Odd OZ GM Ame Damnee GM Deus Ex Machina GM

    Nali Russell
    Secondary Status:Elf
    Appearance or faceclaim:
    Reddish-golden locks, the colour of the first rays of the rising sun, flows down to her waist and frame narrow-set steel-grey eyes. Full, puffy lips and an angular jaw, along with dark skin and short height of 4'11 add to the oddity that is her. Her hair is usually worn up as she never could grow to cut her hair but found wearing it down to being highly annoying.
    Growing up, she knew love from both her mother and father, who actively tried a relationship not only for themselves but for her as well. In the end, they ended it on mutual terms and just shared time with their daughter. At the young age of five, she was dead bent on the idea on becoming a photographer as she wanted to follow in her father's footsteps. Her father was eager to train his daughter in what he knew. Even her mother encouraged her by teaching her what she could.
    Years went along and Nali grew and became the eldest sibling of two younger half siblings as her father had settled with another woman. And despite having issues with her step-mother, she had a good life. Until one night, her brother and father were nowhere to be found.
    Over the years she lived with her step-mother, she no longer felt love but hate and pain. She knew she could fight back if she wanted to but she couldn't bring herself to hurt one of the things that her father loved the most. So she ran away and tried to lived with her mother, who by that time also missing.
    Nali eventually grew up on her own at the nice age of 15, having no one to support her but herself, her elven family gone. Naive to how the world treated people like her, she faced the brunt of that on the streets, growing a distaste for humans. She finally found a job through some trouble as a photographer, using the money she earned to get her a shabby one bedroom apartment. She became part of the resistance to find answers on her missing family. What happened to them? Why did they disappear? She needed to know these things.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2017 at 1:03 AM
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  15. inkdragon

    inkdragon Understandably Confused


    Concept itself looks solid. Question, though, what's Nali's life look like now? Such as, where has she been living, does she have a job, and of course, how involved/is she involved in the resistance movement? Backstory is great, just looking to see where your character will fit in with the others we've got.
  16. ~Nemo~

    ~Nemo~ An Odd OZ GM Ame Damnee GM Deus Ex Machina GM

    Oh, sorry. I'll edit that in.

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