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Storyteller's Circle

Roleplaying Forums - The Place Where Stories Come To Life

Khorvaire, a continent rich with resources, nations, and magic. Cities with towers soaring in the sky dot the horizon as a lightning rail car zooms past, electricity zapping everywhere. Flying fortresses, underground lairs filled with dragons, wastelands with arcane storms ravaging the dirt. Indeed Khorvaire is a land of magic and wonder. However, it is also a land recovering from war.

The Last War was fought across all of Khorvaire, even stretching into the jungles of Xen'drik. It was a war that split nations apart to form new ones. It caused blood to be spilt in every possible corner of the nation. It lasted for over one hundred years, starting with the death of King Jarot of the Kingdom of Galifar in 894 YK, and effectively ending two years after destruction of Cyre, a once beautiful city now filled with deadly arcane storms and a curse that affected even the strongest of men. The Last War didn't only result in bad scars across the continent. It gave birth to a variety of military marvels. One of these, perhaps the most important, was the creation of the Warforged. Built for war and given sentience, these soldiers were geared for war the moment they left the Cannith Creation Forges.

The bloody Last War ended in 996 YK, two years after Cyre erupted in a flash of arcane energy. All the nations of Khorvaire, the old remnants of the Kingdom of Galifar and the new nations that took the opportunity to create themselves, met together to sign the Treaty of Thronehold. The treaty did a number of things. Firstly, it would end all fighting among the nations. They couldn't continue a war that had no apparent victor. Secondly, it recognized the remaining Warforged as a sentient race, with all the benefits. Thirdly, it ordered the destruction of all Cannith creation forges. The nations agreed, and an uneasy peace followed.

The year is 998 YK. It is an age of heros, explorers, adventurers, merchants, anything. The ancient ruins on Xen'drik beckon with hidden treasure buried in deep vaults. Abandoned villages and castles from The Last War shine with hidden weapons and magic for the brave explorers. Despite the peace however, a presence has torn itself from the shattered remnants of Cyre. A presence that demands war until there IS a victor. And he will be that victor.
We the Unwanted
“I swear an oath to protect my clan, as the clans have sworn to protect me. To spill my blood for my family, and the brother families that have joined us to perish this greater evil. My duty as a Guardian grants me the strength to guard, protect, and serve— to my last breath.”

Now the clans have formed a kingdom, and that kingdom has broken its oath.

A millennium ago, the Clan of Eruvia launched a campaign to establish full control over the world, spreading quickly from the west and overtaking smaller clans in their path. In a desperate attempt to stop them, smaller clans mustered up a task force filled with their most skilled of fighters to overtake the juggernaut army that was threatening to conquer them. The Guardians, so they were called, miraculously pushed back the incoming threat, but experienced isolation from their homeland whilst being the frontlines for years.

During this time, the smaller clans lived in relative ease, and eventually set aside their differences, uniting together into a large kingdom. Decades have past before the Guardians finally managed to defeat the Eruvians, but come back to find out so much has changed. The new ‘Kingdom of Luina’ took in their heroes with uncertainty, worrying that the returning heroes would somehow break the peace and prosperity that took them so long to build up. The Guardians, needless to say, were taken aback by the hostility, and soon the Kingdom and the Guardians became separate peoples that coexisted in the same lands.

It was then that the Guardians finally broke. They pointed angry accusations at the Kingdom, and some even started violent uprisings and threatened the crown. The Kingdom retaliated with war against the Guardians, launching a series of successful campaigns against them. The Guardians, knowing that defeat was imminent, created a massive fortress, located outskirts in the Geraldi Province, to separate them from Luin forces.

For hundreds of years, this fortress will be left alone, surrounded by wilderness that the people of the Kingdom didn’t dare to inhabit. The stories of the Guardians were told; the savages that went rogue after being graciously accepted back into the Kingdom. Anyone who were to wander too far into their domain would pay with their life. This brings a period of peace to both the Kingdom and the Guardians, but it is shadowed by the growing weariness of both groups.
Hello everyone,

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Cream and part of the creative team. You may be in a role play with me, or seen me in the chat and in the creative forums (and I may just be annoying people in the game forums ;)). If you know me, great, if you don't know me then hello!

You may have seen in the Storyteller's Circle Highlights sneak preview, that a site comic is on the way. If you have not seen that announcement yet, you can find it here.

So, down to business. What am I doing?

I'm creating a site comic that will hopefully entertain you all. I've done a couple of comic pages before, and have great pleasure to do one for Storyteller's Circle. Before I get going on the first page, I need a couple of things from yourselves. As users of the site, I want to have us in the comic, but I do understand not everyone wants to have themselves portrayed in such things, so this thread is for users to express that they don't mind being in the comic. I will only use users that have posted it as an okay here.

That said, I'm not going to be drawing the users as cartoon people, so I also won't need any photos of yourself or anything to go by, if you're worried about that. I won't even need a description of your looks. I haven't decided on how I'm definitely going to portray yourselves in the comic just yet, but as I still need to work on drawing people, and therefore it won't be as people.

At this point in time, I'm only looking for your consent to be used as a character, within the comic and not for actual comic ideas. That's not to say ideas are unwelcome. If you do have any ideas regarding the storyline and do want to share them with me, then feel free to drop me a line via PM. If they were used, or have inspired me in any way, I'd be sure to fully credit you as well, though there is no guarantee that they will be used.

If you register your consent before the 20th, of each month, then you may find yourself in that month's comic strip. Again, I don't have any guarantees that every user will be featured each month as it does depend on the story. This thread is just to make sure that when I do use users, they are happy for me to do so.

Many thanks,

Cream :)
Storyteller’s Circle Highlights: December 2016

Another month and another resounding success for Storyteller's Circle.​

Special Thanks

Foremost is @Gwazi Magnum for continuing to dominate the Introduction Forum. Storyteller's Circle's strongest asset is its emphasis on community and staff support. Few have driven this point home into the Introduction Forum as readily as he. I would also like to recognize and thank @Meliodas, @Kian, @Otomos the Crazy, and @The Taleweaver for their active and consistent participation in the Introduction Forum alongside Gwazi Magnum.

In addition, special thanks are also afforded for @The Taleweaver, @Lovelessesbutterfly, @MissMudkip, @Cana, @Zorja, @Lazzamore, @ArQane, @Meliodas, and @Luxin for taking the time to recommend our website to others. Nothing says 'I support this community' like giving your personal recommendation to friends.

We also had another very successful voting month and maintained a second place position on the Top RP Sites listings for the entire month. This was largely in part to the sheer number of people we had participating in voting when the votes reset, and thanks are in order for each and every one of them. Keep up the good work! The votes reset in 27 hours, so get ready to hit the ground running as soon as they do!

Continuing on, we have had several new Wardens that joined our staff team for the month of December, all of whom are deserving of thanks for volunteering their time to making Storyteller's Circle a better place and to ensure that our users have the best experience possible. @The Taleweaver, @Diabolique, @DreamWhispers, @Persephone, and @CelticCat.

And lastly, but certainly not least! A very special thanks to everyone who generously donated to the website this month. Especially to @Loki Laufeyson/Faithy, @Sentry, and @Script for their very sizable and generous donations. However! Donations of any magnitude are worthy of recognition and thanks go out as well to @Lila Heartstrings, @Morbid Quote, @Meliodas, and @Cana.

New Roleplay Content

We have several new Epic Roleplays that have opened up their door this month including The Last Heroes' Guild GMed by @Almighty.Person.Me, Somnium Aeternum GMed by @Jag, The Sentinel Clans GMed by @Lovelessesbutterfly, and Pokemon: Journeys of Anteceon GMed by @Iamtheecchiking. With our site growing so swiftly, these Epic Roleplays have served to offer a home for large numbers of roleplayers and have been a key component to keeping large numbers of players engaged while we work to improve our selection of single-thread play-by-post roleplays.

In addition to our Epic Roleplays, we have begun to offer personal sub-forum space for large Multi-Thread Roleplays that don't fit the definition of Epic Roleplays. We now have two multi-thread roleplays opened up: Ages Eternal GMed by @Lazzamore and Requiem GMed by @TrashierThanThou.

Though lagging behind our Epic Roleplays, our play-by-post roleplays are slowly growing in number. In particular we would like to recognize Stahlheim College of Magic GMed by @ChelonianCommander, for its grand-opening that hit the ground running. It is my sincere hope that in time our play-by-post forums will be filled with roleplays as lively and engaging as this one has proven to be for its players.

New Miscellaneous Content

Our creative forums have really picked up this month with a lot of new additions in both the artwork and creative writing forums. @Lila Heartstrings, @Elionwy, @Shadowwell , @Ghost, @ChelonianCommander, @Shiore, @Cowl, @WiZ, @Silaries, @Señor Bubble, @Astaroth, @GanonTARDIS, @TheZanta, @DispiritedKing, @Iamtheecchiking, @EvrinKai, @BadApple, @Miss Claire Elizabeth, @Willow Novell, @Kian, @Rachel Rider, and @grandin all have new threads in the creative forums. Definitely worth checking them all out.

We have a new website guide setup to help our new users, and I urge everyone to be familiar with it so they can hand it off to people in need: Comprehensive Website Guide

In addition to our website guide we've had three new guides submitted to our Roleplayers' Codex, including a grammar guide by @Nilum, and a T1 PVP Tiers guide by @Drakel. We will be on the lookout in the months to come for more guides to add to our codex!


What we're doing right: Our staff and users alike have been excellent in receiving new members, helping them get situated, and making them feel at home. We've had great success in fronting engaging Epic Roleplays, and making people feel welcome within these roleplays. My expectations have genuinely been far exceeded by the support I continue to witness between our users on a day to day basis.

What we need to work on: Our play-by-post roleplay forums is our weakest point right now. Our bulletin board is flooded with roleplay ideas and interest checks - many of which have had piles of interest - but only a small fraction of these have been making it into the play-by-post forums. If we wish to make January as strong a month for Storyteller's Circle as November and December have been, we should all put some time and effort to helping to strengthen this area of our website.

Sneak peak for January: We have a lot of new projects in the works for January. Among them is the full launch of our Design team. For our artists out there, keep an eye out for news regarding this! We will be on the lookout for artists interested in donating their time to helping people make their roleplays come alive through imagery. A full team dedicated to creating banners, signatures, character sketches, front page slider images, and more for people lays on the horizon.

We will also be launching the first edition of our monthly Storyteller’s Circle comic strip, so keep an eye out for that as well.

The Aschen Empire is a vast, expanding civilization of humanity that can trace their roots to the earliest human civilizations of Earth, drawing inspiration from franchises such as Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, and has been described as a mix between Star Trek and 1984, this Doubleplusgood Bellyfeel will no doubt satisfy the craving of the Scifi Roleplayer.

Interested parties need only contact barney_fife, and can discuss the following stories in need of players.

  • Special Agent Marlene Angel and her team are currently holed up in Van Leugen, with orders to detonate a weapon of mass destruction, I am seeking players willing to play fellow operatives of the Imperial Intelligence Agency, for those seeking a noir, scifi/james bond mashup with a slice of terrorism.
  • The Aschen Empire is planning an invasion of Valore, those interested in playing characters affiliated with the Military should contact barney_fife for placement, the first 10 Players get a free Command Carrier with approval.
  • Corporate and Government intrigue - there are several large and powerful corporations in the Empire in constant struggle with the government.
  • Government - In need of players to play positions in the Imperial Government.
  • Midlands- A Team of Aschen Marines are currently crashed in the Midlands of Valore, and can use players to walk in the footsteps of these brave men and women.
We've all seen roleplays come and go, seemingly in the hundreds. The number of roleplays that make it past their first month are only a fraction of those being created, and the number that last even a single year are even fewer in quantity. It can be depressing, especially from the end of a GM who has to abandon their work to start anew as roleplay after roleplay fails. It can be discouraging for players as well though as they become jaded at putting effort into joining a roleplay only to find it abandoned a few weeks later. This article is geared towards targeting several key components that I have personally seen contribute to the fall of many roleplays over my years of administrating and staffing on various roleplay forums. It is my sincere hope that sharing these observations will see more roleplays through the long haul, and far fewer falling into obscurity before they ever begin.
/ˈsom.ni.um/ (n) /ae̯ˈter.num/ (a) Latin -- “eternal dream”

The advent and meteoric rise of virtual and augmented reality saw its rise in the 2070s when technological breakthroughs in the fields of energy creation wrestled free from the grip of poisonous and limited fossil fuels, major innovations in the collection and utilization of solar and tidal energies allow for never-before-seen advances in technology.

Old habits die hard, however, as new sources of power and the coveted technologies remain controlled by a select few corporations, conglomerates, and consortiums with power untold backed by almighty currency. Although the language may have changed, money never stopped talking.

The emptying-out of the “heartland” to make room for the massive solar panel fields and wind turbine farms to fuel an ever-growing demand for energy led to a drastic rise in population within major cities, urban environments swelling as the new energy sources required central distribution nodes. Small towns, being bypassed by the new distribution system and unable to exist on the old model, dried up over a period of decades, just more land for more energy to go to more major cities.

Cities like New Acadia. A new city built on the Eastern Seaboard as a site of several powerful distribution grids surrounded by urban sprawl, New Acadia was designed to be the paradigm of civilization in this, the “new age.” Major corporations control virtually everything and one doesn’t go far without feeling their influence. They are the manufacturers, the buyers, the processors, and the lifeblood of the city. Hundreds of thousands of employees live in a world dictated to them by their employers. They live in corporate-provided and controlled housing, corporations often controlling miles of territory at a time within the city.

As a result of the expansion of this private control of the economy and society itself, law enforcement and government control is a precarious situation. The New Acadia Police Department is stretched to its limits in attempts to keep the peace and enforce the basic laws in place on all of society, now known as “GenLaw.” This is held in stark contrast to the property rights, regulations, and stricter items imposed by the corporations on themselves and their resident-employees, known as “CorpLaw.” GenLaw, as handled by the NAPD, is the traditional route of the justice system, although the concept of a trial by jury has been long since abolished in favor of a more predictable three-judge panel for all legal matters.

The rise of AI, Artificial Intelligence, has radically affected the everyday lives of citizens within New Acadia. Private cars and public transportation alike are handled via advance computers. While AI has not developed to the level of androids or human-like personas, few homes of those of any economic comfort are without an voice-interfaced AI Assistance System.

Humanity is improving. While full-scale augmentation is only in the early experimental phases, advances in prosthetics have led to a revolution in the medical field while those able to afford it, often on the black market, have turned to prosthetic enhancements for recreational or...less than legitimate purposes. The loss of an eye or an arm, previously, would have been a severe, life-altering issue for a human. Now, the replacements are an improvement on the original hardware one was born with. If you can afford it.

With the power of corporations to influence the system and their outstripping of the NAPD in terms of funds and resources, GenLaw is difficult to enforce as the corporations handle a great deal of their issues, both internal and against one another, outside the boundaries of GenLaw. Corporate Security is more than just a badge and a flashlight in New Acadia.

For some, New Acadia is the realization, the culmination, of technology finally reaching the pinnacle at which it meets humanity's dreaming grasp. For others, it is simply a new reality delving into nightmares as so many things never truly change. The city itself is like the changing landscape of a dream, shaped by those strong enough to imagine their future.
Gosh, we have come so far in such a short span of time that it's hard to imagine that we've only been up and running for four weeks! I want to personally congratulate each and every person for a resoundingly successful opening for Storyteller's Circle.

Many thanks are in order to everyone who has dedicated their time and energy into the site.

Foremost I wish to extend personal thanks and gratitude to our entire Warden team, many of whom have been working around the clock to make our new arrivals feel like welcomed guests. Gwazi Magnum in particular deserves a gesture of gratitude for his diligent and tireless attention to our Introduction forum.

I also want to extend thanks to Nilum and those who arrived with him for their hard work in getting us into second place on the top RP sites that opened up the flood gates to our new arrivals.

Lastly every one of our users who have been joining roleplays or working to get their own roleplays up and running have my thanks and gratitude. Without users creating stories, our site loses meaning. You're why we have created this place, and words cannot describe my pleasure at seeing such healthy inspiration, interaction, and enthusiasm from everyone.

I personally look forward to seeing what December will bring! Also as a reminder for those who have been assisting with voting. TopRPSites will be resetting their votes in just over 26 hours. Once this happens all of the site's votes will be reset to 0 to start the race anew. If we want to reclaim our position at the top we'll need a resurgence of voting as soon as the votes reset.
"Welcome heroes. You are no longer needed. You should be proud!"

As a member of The Heroes' Guild you have put forth blood, sweat, and tears to protect your world. You have worked for the leaders of the World with honesty, integrity, and bravery. You have maintained a strong moral compass and have worked together to destroy every evil that has ever threatened the World.

But now the World Government has decided that it no longer needs you. Something changed, seemingly overnight, and severe restrictions on power, training, and growth were implemented. Most people of your power level were killed outright if they did not submit to voluntary imprisonment. This has gone on for months and the concentration of power in the World now lies with government leaders.

For your years of valiant service, the members of the Heroes' Guild were awarded a different fate. They were gathered in the Tower of Portals and sentenced to banishment to another realm. A one way ticket and the only way that they could escape with their lives and their freedom. The portal was supposed to choose a new world at random.
Throughout time, man has been at war and each time, man has survived, though many died. But, everyone knew that it would not always go that way. In medicine, doctors and scientists strives to create cures to everything, but how far would that go? Viruses adapted and gained resistance after a while, and man strives to find a new cure/vaccine. Again, that had a downfall, just like war did. Man continued to fight, using bigger, better machines and getting more advanced in technology before finally it just went too far.

Between 2080-2100, a third World War crippled humanity, bringing them to the verge of extinction along with many animals and plants. Man practically destroyed the planet. Despite having vaccines and cures for a lot of diseases and viruses. With the outbreak of the third World War, and the advance in nuclear weapons, radiation caused mutations and mutations caused new variants of old viruses.

Today, in the year 2200, with adults dying out at the age of 25 from this new virus called ADV423 (Adenovirus) which attacks the respiratory system, homo-sapiens are struggling to survive. It is unknown what causes the virus to activate but people up until 21 aren't affected. The life expectancy of people in this day and age is now between 23-25. The people around today are trying to find a cure, but its a race against time for some. Cure's take time, and time is something a lot of people don't have.

Since the war, many cities have been destroyed, and yet to be rebuilt, but with limited resources, people and knowledge around, it's hard. Not to mention, with the virus killing people from 23 onward, it's harder. But there is hope. Passed down through the generations of survivors was what most would call a prophecy, or a legend others would call it. Either way, it's given a lot of people hope. Hope that one day things can return to normal and mankind can pull through this dark time. The prophecy speaks of a key that will solve many of the problems. But with the many people that believe, many also think it's just a story. And with the good people out to find the key, to cure the deadly virus, there are also people out there to exploit it's power, or even destroy it.