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Featured Roleplay

Excellent Roleplays that you should check out!

Bound together by a common cause, the Elysian Vanguard grew to its prime at the peak of the Orsa of Terminus' rise to power. With its sworn foe defeated these legendary warriors have scattered across Valore to resume their lives, but old ties are not easily severed. With a kinship forged through blood and sacrifice, perhaps these champions of old only await a time when Valore might have need of their strength once more, a time where one might call them back.

The Elysian Vanguard is an order of guardians sworn to uphold the Light and to combat the Void and its taint wherever it might exist. Warriors, scholars, ambassadors, teachers, heroes and even reformed criminals, the ranks of the Elysian Vanguard come from all walks of life before swearing off home and country in favor of a deeper purpose. The Elysian Vanguard exists outside of the authority of any singular governmental body and maintains a stance of neutrality on matters of political strife.

Its primary place of operation is located within the Icy Peaks of Terra. The temple situated atop the snowy mountains was built to honor the fallen heroes who lay down their lives for Valore and it serves both as a place of remembrance and as a symbol of hope where new initiates are trained to one day join the ranks of these venerable champions.

Though once a prominent and revered order, the Elysian Vanguard has only just begun to regain its former presence within Valore. With a life-long service that spans generations of blood and sacrifice, this order still commands a great deal of respect, but its global influence has waned with the years. Will this ancient and archaic order rise to the challenge of claiming a place for itself in a changing world, or will it succumb to the ravages of time and fading memories.
Chains of Retribution primarily takes place within the small, impoverished country of Lutetia.

With most of the wealth within Lutetia concentrated into the hands of the small upper class, the rest of the populace is left to live in squalor. Disease and illness run rampant in the poorer regions of Lutetia, and crime rates are record high.

Lutetia is ripe with supernatural elements as well. Urban werewolf packs own the streets, and vampires have staked a claim to the night. Necromancy, witchcraft, and wizardry are a thing of the norm among the populace, and an underground struggle wages between the church and the supernaturals.


The focus of this roleplay will be on the urban packs of the above summary. It will explore their dynamic within the city of Lutetia and the perpetual circle of violence as pack feuds and crime leave a trail of blood and tragedy in their wake. If the roleplay picks up enough steam, we may introduce spin-off roleplays exploring other elements of the city, but for now we'll be focusing on the werewolf packs.

This will be a dark and gritty roleplay, with little filter in regards to the violent nature of urban pack life. We are primarily looking for people interested in really bringing that aspect of the roleplay to life.
We live on the fringe of Dandorra, out beyond where the sane man dwells in mediocrity. We live in untamed lands, bordered east by Ezmaria, where Ezmar Khan rules with an iron fist. South of us are the mighty Swordlands: impossible, vertical mountains, a wonder of our world. North is the 'Westerly Sea', and to our west... No one knows. Wilderness as far as the living have traveled.

Chances are you come from Sunu-Ra, the only port city nearby for miles. Host to a number of adventurers, outskirt guilds and strange religions, the city is the best hope for taming these lands. Not that the land wants to be tamed, mind you: out there are monster tribes and fey as numerous as any nation of man or other cohort in the heartlands.

Maybe your here as the forerunner of salvation; maybe you know the way. And maybe the blasted fools of more 'civilized' parts called you a Heretic for it. Or maybe you ARE the salvation, maybe you just need a bit more power to show the folks back home that submission is a virtue. Maybe your salvation in the Uknown itself; And getting lost in the untamed wilderness and, therefor, truly living, is what the gods made you for. Heck, you might even be here to stop our 'salvation', as one of our monsters or a wild spirit in the woods.

Well, whatever it is, one things certain: Your accomplishing nothing while standing around!

Saving the Fringe is a mixed-playstyle RP; in it we will be playing as either Characters or small Factions, (whichever strikes your fancy) on the fringe border of the 'civilized' world of Dandorra. You may choose to be one of countless races of 'monsters', a Fey (which can manifest as nigh any magical being) an adventurer or a whole colony, tribe, anything.
The Convergence Series
(Icon by @Bomb)
From our wiki: "Convergence is set in a fandom multiverse where events have been set into motion to cause beings from disparate dimensions to, despite all odds, meet each other. With the multiverse becoming more widely known, dark forces seek to reach out and take whatever power they can muster from these chaotic opportunities, and it’s up to those who would stand against them to put a stop to these evil schemes. The background and lore of this series is constantly expanding, creating a rich and varied history with a growing cast of thousands."

The Convergence Series is a multifandom crossover Epic Roleplay that follows an overarching story and lore, featuring dozens of popular franchises and characters. While we are fandom based, we absolutely welcome OCs as well, and anyone of all writing styles or experience; in fact, we go out of our way to make our roleplays as newcomer-friendly as possible!

Convergence offers many different roleplaying options. Our Main Events are fast-paced, monthly roleplays that serve as another chapter in our lore. Side Stories are smaller roleplays with a slower pace that tend to go on for a longer period of time. We also have a few casual jump-in Sandbox roleplays which anyone can join at any time. No matter what kind of roleplay you enjoy, Convergence has it!

Our current Main Event is Dead or Lie, hosted by @Atomic Knight and found here. You'll also find a link to our OOC Discord server, where we are always happy to see new faces.

Princess Cronus is an anime-themed Modern Fantasy Roleplay based upon many aspects of Greek Mythology.

Our story starts off in a quaint little Japanese town known as Kuri-shi, where a boy stumbles upon a young girl that fell from the heavens. This young girl remembers nothing but her own name - Saturn. Little does he, or anyone, know - this girl is the rebirth of the King of Titans, Cronus, with his power dwelling inside her.

While none know the full story, rumours of Cronus' resurgence are not unheard of within the realm of the gods & daimones. Many beings, from the simplest of harpies, fiends & brood of Typhon to the Divine Olympians are all seeking Cronus, albeit having different endgoals that range from help to hurt, to heavily simplify things.

And so, it will become quite the adventure for our newfound not-so-dynamic duo as they deal with the beastly and the divine in an orderly manner.

In this roleplay, you will be able to play a wide range of Greco-Roman figures, and obviously, brand new from-scratch characters with connections to such figures.