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Khorvaire, a continent rich with resources, nations, and magic. Cities with towers soaring in the sky dot the horizon as a lightning rail car zooms past, electricity zapping everywhere. Flying fortresses, underground lairs filled with dragons, wastelands with arcane storms ravaging the dirt. Indeed Khorvaire is a land of magic and wonder. However, it is also a land recovering from war.

The Last War was fought across all of Khorvaire, even stretching into the jungles of Xen'drik. It was a war that split nations apart to form new ones. It caused blood to be spilt in every possible corner of the nation. It lasted for over one hundred years, starting with the death of King Jarot of the Kingdom of Galifar in 894 YK, and effectively ending two years after destruction of Cyre, a once beautiful city now filled with deadly arcane storms and a curse that affected even the strongest of men. The Last War didn't only result in bad scars across the continent. It gave birth to a variety of military marvels. One of these, perhaps the most important, was the creation of the Warforged. Built for war and given sentience, these soldiers were geared for war the moment they left the Cannith Creation Forges.

The bloody Last War ended in 996 YK, two years after Cyre erupted in a flash of arcane energy. All the nations of Khorvaire, the old remnants of the Kingdom of Galifar and the new nations that took the opportunity to create themselves, met together to sign the Treaty of Thronehold. The treaty did a number of things. Firstly, it would end all fighting among the nations. They couldn't continue a war that had no apparent victor. Secondly, it recognized the remaining Warforged as a sentient race, with all the benefits. Thirdly, it ordered the destruction of all Cannith creation forges. The nations agreed, and an uneasy peace followed.

The year is 998 YK. It is an age of heros, explorers, adventurers, merchants, anything. The ancient ruins on Xen'drik beckon with hidden treasure buried in deep vaults. Abandoned villages and castles from The Last War shine with hidden weapons and magic for the brave explorers. Despite the peace however, a presence has torn itself from the shattered remnants of Cyre. A presence that demands war until there IS a victor. And he will be that victor.
We the Unwanted
“I swear an oath to protect my clan, as the clans have sworn to protect me. To spill my blood for my family, and the brother families that have joined us to perish this greater evil. My duty as a Guardian grants me the strength to guard, protect, and serve— to my last breath.”

Now the clans have formed a kingdom, and that kingdom has broken its oath.

A millennium ago, the Clan of Eruvia launched a campaign to establish full control over the world, spreading quickly from the west and overtaking smaller clans in their path. In a desperate attempt to stop them, smaller clans mustered up a task force filled with their most skilled of fighters to overtake the juggernaut army that was threatening to conquer them. The Guardians, so they were called, miraculously pushed back the incoming threat, but experienced isolation from their homeland whilst being the frontlines for years.

During this time, the smaller clans lived in relative ease, and eventually set aside their differences, uniting together into a large kingdom. Decades have past before the Guardians finally managed to defeat the Eruvians, but come back to find out so much has changed. The new ‘Kingdom of Luina’ took in their heroes with uncertainty, worrying that the returning heroes would somehow break the peace and prosperity that took them so long to build up. The Guardians, needless to say, were taken aback by the hostility, and soon the Kingdom and the Guardians became separate peoples that coexisted in the same lands.

It was then that the Guardians finally broke. They pointed angry accusations at the Kingdom, and some even started violent uprisings and threatened the crown. The Kingdom retaliated with war against the Guardians, launching a series of successful campaigns against them. The Guardians, knowing that defeat was imminent, created a massive fortress, located outskirts in the Geraldi Province, to separate them from Luin forces.

For hundreds of years, this fortress will be left alone, surrounded by wilderness that the people of the Kingdom didn’t dare to inhabit. The stories of the Guardians were told; the savages that went rogue after being graciously accepted back into the Kingdom. Anyone who were to wander too far into their domain would pay with their life. This brings a period of peace to both the Kingdom and the Guardians, but it is shadowed by the growing weariness of both groups.
"Welcome heroes. You are no longer needed. You should be proud!"

As a member of The Heroes' Guild you have put forth blood, sweat, and tears to protect your world. You have worked for the leaders of the World with honesty, integrity, and bravery. You have maintained a strong moral compass and have worked together to destroy every evil that has ever threatened the World.

But now the World Government has decided that it no longer needs you. Something changed, seemingly overnight, and severe restrictions on power, training, and growth were implemented. Most people of your power level were killed outright if they did not submit to voluntary imprisonment. This has gone on for months and the concentration of power in the World now lies with government leaders.

For your years of valiant service, the members of the Heroes' Guild were awarded a different fate. They were gathered in the Tower of Portals and sentenced to banishment to another realm. A one way ticket and the only way that they could escape with their lives and their freedom. The portal was supposed to choose a new world at random.
Orc soldiers with darkened faces enter a tavern. With one hand clutching their swords, they glare at the other races, electing not to speak during their trek. It was clear to see they were tired, but they will not be resting here despite their perilous adventures. Nothing about their demeanor makes you think they consider you a ‘friend’, or that you should to them.​

After they post up a large sheet of paper to the interior wall, they leave as quickly as they came.



The great Kezh Uruk’sh declares hereby a call to all monster-hunters and mighty warriors of Aelora to slay a Great Beast known simply as ‘Skeerch’ in the fair and prosperous land of Mighty Urugar – His Greatness demands the safety of his people!

For this courageous act of selflessness, upon the successful return of the beast’s unblemished head, the slayer will be given twelve pounds of gold in Imperial Pence.

The wretched beast may be found on the northern border of His Greatness’ Kingdom, on the northern tip of the Devils Back Mountains in the woods of Kul. MAKE NO EYE CONTACT AT ALL COST. The creature appears to be insectoid, recognizable by its considerable size.


Mighty Urugar is a small, distopian/totalitarian nation in Aelora natively inhabited by Orcs. It is a dangerous and cruel place where the powerful few receive whatever they want - and the poor feel the pinch. Be weary of entering; poor and rich alike share a fear and hatred of the foreign interloper, and border are open now only to rid themselves of the creature Skeerch. so do not draw attention to yourself...
The year is 1921 and things are heating up in the bustling metropolis of Cross Timber, Pennsylvania. The name suggests a picturesque town possibly something found on a Hallmark card, the truth is far from it. Beneath the picturesque appearance of this lovely city lays a dark underbelly, which has only gotten larger with the Prohibition. Many of the city’s resident that had to leave due to the draft and other reasons have returned to the city recently. Several Private investigators have made offices and hired locals. Many of the returnees to Cross Timber have joined them for the steady job, and work it can bring. In the years following WW I, many immigrants from all over have come to the US, some of a less savory nature than others.

Cross Timber is little different from most Cities in the US, especially now with the increase in its residents since the end of WW 1, this comparison is only skin deep. As the newer businesses have established themselves, the city has prospered and grown, but it has also started to rot. Not many can see this, most are too enchanted by the city and its pleasures to notice. Some have however, the Police of the CTPD have noticed and have long been combating this encroachment on their fair city. the others to notice are those who live a life on the edge, between light and darkness, among them the Private Eye's of the city.
Treasure Hunters Wanted!

Are you in need of an adventure?

Do you desire a life of excitement?

Do you dream of fortune and fame?

Look No Further!

Hermingild Inquiries is in need of adventurous men and women to quest for objects of great and rare value across the Greater Parishes. Don't have a Gun Dog's license, don't be discouraged! H.I. employs a wide variety of individuals from Crackles to Martialists. The work is dangerous, but the rewards are measureless!

If you are one of these brave souls, please see Lorn Hermingild of Gattletowne in the Morningtrill Parish.

TIBU is going to be a mixed-genre RP. The Greater Parishes is a civilization foraged out of the shadow of a long lost and technologically superior civilization. Technology is present, but much of it is ancient and too esoteric for current understanding. I'm thinking of dark fantasy meets steampunk. The industrial revolution of the Parishes is just beginning, and the lands are rife with taboo and forbidden knowledge.

It has been 90 years since humans have retreated completely underground on a global scale, flocking to caverns by the thousands. Subway tracks became home to a flood of refugees, underground mines became fortresses. City by city, country by country, they disappeared into the dark and quiet, fleeing in mobs, too terrified to look over their shoulder at the things that move, slink, prowl.

Nobody knows where they came from, only that the light is their ally. Over the years, the memory of them was relegated to a ghost story told to children, down here in the dark. Humanity created infrastructure out of things they brought with them, built upon the bones of projects long dead - digging through the dirt and rock to connect underground theme parks and experimental laboratories. Governments formed. Military rose. Twice, they tried to take back the sun, and twice they failed, beaten back by a smarter, stronger enemy. They've remained content, complacent, in their darkness.

Until now. Now, 90 years later, you and your team discover that outposts scattered around the entrances to Humanity's haven are going dark. The enemy that stole the sun is becoming restless.

And learning how to see in the night.​
The year is 1929, 31st President of the United States of America, Herbert Hoover, has just charged Andrew Mellon, the Secretary of the Treasury with bringing down Al Capone and the notorious Chicago Outfit. The fight against organized crime in Chicago began immediately, with investigators, police, and Prohibition agents conducting raids and arrests on any of Capone's men and associates no matter where they were.

Leading the charge on the streets was Prohibition agent Eliot Ness and his incorruptible team of agents known as The Untouchables. Known for their remarkable ability to harm Capone's business and immunity to bribes, The Untouchables were seen as a force to be reckoned with.

The Untouchables' reputation lead to them inspiring their fellow law enforcement comrades to answer the call of duty and take on the Chicago Outfit as well. One such group of mob fighters decided that fighting the mob within the law was a much slower process and didn't often yield the results they wanted to see. They made the choice to fight the mob both within the law and outside it.

They began a crusade against organized crime in Chicago using vigilante justice in the wee hours of the night. But, eventually their vigilante antics would catch up with them and, in some cases, would destroy lives.

Untouchable is the story of the night-time vigilantes and how they weakened the mob using mob tactics. How they fought fire with fire and got burned.
Friendship is the harbinger of happiness, innocence; but the slightest shake, the slightest bruise destroys everything. Only one, one small flicker has the possibility to be the catalyst for disaster to sneak its way in and cripple the delicate threads of bonds. Friendship is fragile, just like glass. Love & hate builds the everlasting acquaintances, but make a mistake and it's all over. Cherish it, protect it, just do whatever you can to maintain your connections with the people who are like your second family. Because when they go away, it's more painful than a heartbreak. Don't let go- don't let go. Please, don't go.​

As the first installation of what will hopefully be many tournaments to come, I would like to extend an open invitation to players of all skill levels to join us in The Cataclysm.

This arena event tournament will be a mid-tier double elimination event based around Storyteller's Circle's revised edition of the T1 Eden Era rules. These rules are available here.

Match winners will be determined by KO. In the event that neither combatant is KOed before the allotted match time, then the matches will be judged on a mixed criteria of damage, tactics, roleplay, and grammar.

Combatants should not exceed the mid-tier bar for this tournament. To give a rough guideline of what this entails, non-prepped abilities are capable of duplicating the power levels necessary to total small vehicles or physically toss them. At its highest limitation magic and metahuman abilities are capable of duplicating the power levels of natural disasters such as earthquakes or meteor impacts, but it is expected that reaching such feats would require several rounds of preps, and are the fullest extent of one’s limitations. Advanced technology on par with these levels of magic and metahuman abilities also falls under mid-tier limitations.