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Top Campaigns

  1. Site Upgrade

    Donations to upgrade our website platform to Xenforo 2, which will add a large number of new features including better mobile compatibility. Donations will cover both the cost of the upgrade and the add-ons that we will need to replace due to incompatibility with Xenforo 2. This is a one time open ended donation goal, so there is no time frame to raise the money within. Once we have enough raised, we will move forward with the upgrade. 12/16/19 Update: The Campaign Goal has been reached! The site upgrade is tentatively planned for the beginning of January. Details will be posted up soon. Thanks to everyone who pitched in!
  2. General Site Upkeep Donations

    One time or recurring donations for general site upkeep to be applied wherever it is most needed. In order of priority: Server costs ($70), new features and add-ons, and advertising expenses. To set up a monthly recurring donation, check the recurring donation box before submitting your donation. To cancel recurring donations, you will need to do so through paypal.com.
    $70.00 (13 days remaining)