Arcadia Academy

Mage academies began to flourish in every nation, but the most notable academy was Arcadia. Located on the man-made island of Tokyo Bay, this massive academy houses the world’s most gifted mages. By the end of the war, it was opened for application for all students across the world.

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Woo! Prepare for a bunch of plots! Couldn't settle on one, so imma post four! Yay! Lol.
Everyone talks about how unique the platypus is, but why isn't there more love for the equally unique echidna? It is the only other known mammal to lay eggs, like the platypus, and it also uses a form of electrical energy to guide itself like the platypus and the bat. Echidnas also have spurs, but instead of poison, they secrete scent, and... you know what? Echidnas are just plain awesome/weird all around.
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