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Akashic Arcana is an original epic roleplay verse that mixes both sci-fi and fantasy together into an amazing tale of political intrigue, tragedy, and perseverance.

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There are 29 flags with the colors red, white, and blue. I just find that interesting whenever I hear someone referring to their flag as "the red, white, and blue" as if it is the only red, white, blue flag. I just find it amusing to wonder, what would happen if someone from all 29 flags met and all talked about "the red, white, and blue," and all thought they were talking about the same place/flag?
Pretty much everyone knows that you cry when cutting onions, but do you know why your eyes weep? Onions have an amino acid that releases and turns into a sulfuric gas when cut and wafts into your eyes. The eyes react to the gas as it hits them and triggers tears to try to wash out the acid. Yep, onions are gassing you with acid when you cut them! And I thought onions were bad before.
Covid free at last! I think I will celebrate!
After a nap... still so tired...
Hello everyone!
RIP Ken Spears, creator of my favorite childhood obsession, Scooby-Doo. May you continue to unmask the villains in a better place!

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