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Across the Polibean Sea, South of the Commulind Empire, this land is a theocratic paradise, blessed by the Roses of the Halfglass, zealots who believe that no matter what, the half-glass of water is always half-full. Whether by relentless indoctrination, heavily hallucinogenic drugs, or by the breaking and remaking of you, you too, shall believe the half-glass is half-full.
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Enjoying being a mother!
Happy Pi Day, and Happy Birthday to Albert Einstein! Pi was discovered 317 years ago, he was born 144 years ago.
Officially on my last WK of pregnancy v& was verified that I'm starting the dilation process naturally! I'm at 1cm as of 3p est! Almost time for Lobos & I to welcome or daughter into the world!
So close the my due date now! My induction date is March 6th. So close.
Having some low and sad times won't be very active. Will keep banishing spam tho.

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