Charged with the doomed task of defending the Garden against all possible odds, no least of their concern the Supremacy, the Coalition presides over the broken homes of the Scatterrans.

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I'm home! I'm mostly settled and will be responding to everyone as soon as I can!
Cuban warrior, pagan dancer
Having a mojito during the sacrifice
Let's go dance with Hellhammer and Varg

Desecrating the tomb, to the rhythm of the rumba
- Norwegian Reggaeton [English Lyrics] by Nanowar of Steel
I am Co-GMing a roleplay where you can do abseloutely EVERYTHING.

We're All Mad Here~

Join Us!​
Another voiceless cry
Another hopeless try
I wish you'd open your wings and take me inside
From hell with love I write
Confess my passion crime
'Cause to my heart, soul and mind, you are Kryptonite
-From Hell With Love by Beast in Black

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