Playing With Fire

A magic society thrives under-ground. Hidden in plain sight. Sorcerer's live among the 'Mortals,' though, many hate them. With one of Mevolents generals, Lord Vile returning. The world is at stake. Again.

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Wimbledon goes through over 54,000 balls every year, and they keep them at exactly 68 degrees F. The gas molecules inside the ball expand in warm air making the ball bounce higher. A cooler tennis ball causes the molecules to shrink and the ball bounces lower. What does this have to do with anything? Nothing at all unless you play tennis or need to adjust the ball for fetch with your dog.
Move date approaching and I'm stressing thanks for being patient with me and blitz.
Fun Fact: Bees that eat colored sugar will make colored honey. This was discovered near an M&M factory where the bees were dining off of the colored sugars used for the candies and then were producing green and blue honey. I wonder if it is slightly M&M flavored honey? Somehow, that does not sound tasty now that I think about it.
I get to change my username on Halloween. There's going to be a full moon on Halloween. I want to change my username to include 'Wolfy'. Should I do it?
Hi guys. Sorry it's been so long.
I know I started working on an angel type thing in Nexus and I do still want to, just, not right now I have too much going on to draw up all the plans for the angel realm.

Though I would love to do a one on one thread if anyone is interested please PM me.

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