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Realistic roleplay forum for roleplays of all time-periods. Historic roleplays and modern roleplays both. The roleplays here have already begun, please don't post in them unless you have been invited to. See the bulletin board is for joining roleplays.

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♫I will build a bridge above you, or I'll tunnel underneath you; I will eat you and excrete you and I'll feed you to the flowers.
If I need to, I'll go through you and absorb your fucking powers; I put in hour after hour let's be crystal clear,
I'm gonna get there if it takes a day or fifty years.
I'll finger-bang my fears, I'll fucking punch a dragon; Even with the Himalayas in my way it's gonna happen.♫
Happy International Bat Appreciation Day to those of you whom absolutely love those cute avian mammals!
Been a long time since I have logged in. Things have been crazy in Lobos & my life as first time parents.
The ember never leaves the ashes; the flames around it move on. Yet it smoulders on, ready for kindle.
Omg I am back I haven't been on here in a while sorry about that. Happy Friday all!

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