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Realistic roleplay forum for roleplays of all time-periods. Historic roleplays and modern roleplays both. The roleplays here have already begun, please don't post in them unless you have been invited to. See the bulletin board is for joining roleplays.

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Tomorrow is a holiday cool enough to let you know in advance. National Use Your Gift Card Day! Founded on January 18, 2020, the holiday is celebrated on the third Saturday of January and encourages retailers and restaurants to offer discounts and freebies to those who use their gift cards on that day. Did you know that around 3 BILLION dollars worth in gift cards goes unredeemed in America every year?
Welcome to Dress Up Your Pet Day, Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day, and Ratification Day! Today is the day to dress up your pet as a hot pastrami sandwich while... uh... not sure how to work in Ratification Day... Dress up your pet as someone who helped pass the Treaty of Paris and eat a Hot Pastrami Sandwich? I don't know. How would you combine these days?
Korean-American Day! Also, Sticker and Rubber Ducky day! I am totally getting myself a sticker of a rubber ducky.
Today is Kiss A Ginger Day!! So if you are a ginger and don't want to be smooched, be wary. Also, Curried Chicken Day, Marzipan Day, Pharmacist Day, and Shop for Travel Day. I think these days, traveling to the grocery store is as far as I want to go, and I don't think I need to shop for that, though I will shop for curried chicken once I get there!
Happy Arkansas Day! Also Clean off Your Desk Day, Milk Day, and Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day. Seeing as it's currently 5 degrees F here, there is no way I am splashing anyone. And Finally, it is Huma Trafficking Awareness Day. It still happens in places you'd least suspect it. Be aware, be safe, and be alert to suspicious activity. I'm clearly not very good at raising awareness for anything.

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