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Move date approaching and I'm stressing thanks for being patient with me and blitz.
Fun Fact: Bees that eat colored sugar will make colored honey. This was discovered near an M&M factory where the bees were dining off of the colored sugars used for the candies and then were producing green and blue honey. I wonder if it is slightly M&M flavored honey? Somehow, that does not sound tasty now that I think about it.
I get to change my username on Halloween. There's going to be a full moon on Halloween. I want to change my username to include 'Wolfy'. Should I do it?
Hi guys. Sorry it's been so long.
I know I started working on an angel type thing in Nexus and I do still want to, just, not right now I have too much going on to draw up all the plans for the angel realm.

Though I would love to do a one on one thread if anyone is interested please PM me.
I just nearly dropped five planks of wood onto my foot, all at once... I'm rather silly sometimes, lol

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