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Shintenchi is a large island to the east of the Astral Sea, and home to the Volarians within their coastal cities, the Losenji Imperium which holds land in the south, and a large settlement of Taiyou that claim the eastern reaches of the island.

  1. Losenji

    A high-fantasy region with a splash of the industrial revolution, Losenji is a nation characterized by the contrasts between tradition and progress. As the Empress wrestles with the ministry's political machinations, and both naga and strange spiritual anomalies plague all corners of the island, the nation is at once prosperous and teetering on the edge of disaster.
    Latest: Naseni: Yan'Xin Village Tiko, Oct 22, 2016
  2. Volaria

    Volaria is a relatively young nation that is only just beginning to spread its wings to join the ranks of the space-fairing nations of the galaxy. In some ways Volaria is advanced beyond its years, but in others they struggle with primitive concepts and an archaic government. The nation is plagued with heavy class divisions reinforced by strong religious connotations that remain heavily entwined with their government.
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