The world of Spectral has many creatures from today's world and the mega-fauna of the Pleistocene era. It's a semi realistic world. Things that are in this role-play include talking animals, animals with unique coloring and markings that happen outside of nature along with logical thinking. Multiple Characters are allowed but are not required.

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Today is Beer Can Appreciation Day, Compliment Day, and Peanut Butter Day! I genuinely don't know how to compliment a beer can while eating peanut butter, but apparently, we are supposed to commemorate the day beer was first sold in a can, learn that peanut butter was invented by the Incans around 1000 BC (ish), and focus on complimenting everyone today. I can totally go for that last one!
Today is Pie Day!! Not to be confused with Pi Day, which isn't until March. So eat some pie! Also, today is Handwriting Day, so be sure to write a fancy note about how you like pie. And possibly Pi.
Today is Celebration of Life Day, Sanctity of Life Day, and... Blonde Brownie Day? One of these three is not like the others.
Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day! Did you know there's only about 140,000 red squirrels left, most of them in Scotland? It sounds like a lot until you realize how many die from disease or get eaten. Also, it is Hugging Day! So go hug that person who hates hugs! ;) Granola Bar Day and Get to Know Your Customers Day is today, as well, so... Go hug a cashier while buying granola bars and a book on squirrels.
Welcome to the first of five straight days of date digit palindromes! A date that can be read the same forward and backward. 1.20.21 starts us off! 1.20.2021 is a seven-digit palindrome. Fun fact, today is the first time an inauguration has ever been held on a palindrome date. The next one won't be for one thousand years!

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