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The Book of Night

A thousand years without magic, a thousand years of peace. Magic, sealed within the Book of Night, now locked away no more. Its pages, now scattered, darken the land of Erda

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Welcome to National Cinnamon Crescent, Farm Animals, and Siblings Day! Lovely, today is the day to give your sibling a cinnamon crescent and not treat them like a farm animal. Also, today is Encourage a Young Writer Day! Sounds like every day on this site.
How are you today?
National Cherish an Antique, Chinese Almond Cookie, Former Prisoner of War Recognition, Name Yourself, Winston Churchill, and Unicorn Day! Today is the day to visit a shop and pretend like you could afford an antique, eat Chinese almond cookies, pet a unicorn, and learn cool facts about Churchill! It is also a day to try on a new name (maybe a new personality) and to recognize a POW for all they did.
I hate when I have a rp idea but cant form the words to start it.
Today is National All is Ours, Empanada, Zoo Lovers', and Alcohol Screening Day! I looked it up, but I'm still not sure what "All is Ours" day is about, but Empanadas are tasty! The zoo in my city opens this Saturday, as it happens. Off you go to eat some empanadas at the zoo after getting your alcohol level checked then go learn what All is Ours Day is about!

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