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And today is... National Tortilla Chip Day! And... no, that's it. Just chips. So off you go, go get yourself some chips and dip, or perhaps make one of those taco dips, yourself, or a taco salad. I never liked taco salad with chips, myself. By the time you reach the chips at the very bottom, you've already eaten all the taco part at the top, and you are stuck eating dry chips all by themselves.
Welcome to National Banana Bread, Dog Biscuit, and Tile Day! Also, WORLD Spa Day! So today, make your pooch a dog biscuit out of banana bread while admiring some tiles? And do not forget to give yourself a spa! You can make your own spa at home with some simple things from the store, like face masks for one or two dollars, a salt foot bath, and perhaps a fizzy bath bomb. Enjoy!
National California, Cook a Sweet Potato, and Margarita Day! Today is the day to eat sweet potatoes and sip margaritas in California. Unfortunately, I don't live in California, and I don't like margaritas, but I do love sweet potatoes! It is a good source of Vitamin A, B-6, C, and magnesium! No, a Yam and a Sweet Potato are NOT the same thing despite Westerner's insistence on using the names interchangeably.
Happy National Grain Free Day and Sticky Bun Day! I honestly have no idea how to combine these two... Can you have a grain free sticky bun? Maybe if it was made out of potato flour?
Hello, National Cherry Pie, Love Your Pet, Muffin, and Comfy day!! Today is a wonderful day of eating muffins and cherry pie while loving on your pet in complete comfort. It does not get much better than this! Unless you are allergic to cherries, I suppose.

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