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Mark Of Chorne

What the Mark of Chorne provides

Mark Of Chorne
LORDKHAOS, Sep 19, 2017
    • Deroc
      I think it should need some real weaknesses aside from the marked's personal feelings (rivalry, honor, etc.)
      Real weakness, such as thirst, emotional, irrational, anxious, etc.
      hm... the problem is that Khaos Warriors have no thirst or others..... It's the aversion that's their main weakness and you will see it later on..
    • Deroc
      But what if there were no minions of Zlaneezh nearby? What if Zlaneezh was defeated for good?
      Then how to get rid of them without resorting to aversion? Or do you mean that they are jealous and competitive towards each other?
      They are competitive against other units of different marks(except Khaos Undivided you will later see).
    • Deroc
      So if I face these Khaos warriors together with Khaos Undivided, then gg...

      now I think you should add a weakness or two to Chorne... maybe bad temper? Khaos Warriors wouldn't do bad to injured or crippled foes unless they are provoked, provoked can be as small as some insults...
      Bad temper is quite good.
      Also i think Berserk(Disobeys orders) is also a good choice..

      Provoke means physical.. I should specify it..
      Also Khaos Undivided is very very rare
    • Deroc
      Go for it... maybe make them suspectible to mind magics and manipulations too?
      Hmm, Berserk is a wonderful and fitting choice, go for it! :)

      I see... if you have spare time, you should update this pic to say this, or rather simply change "provoked" into "attacked"
    • Edge45
      Would they be instantly vaporized by a 300 celsius thruster, or be sublimated by an Alphanite-fusion Magical Gravity Generator?
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