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  • So by some grace of the laptop gods, my laptop which spent an entire night soaking in sweet tea, is some how alive. I finally got my laptop back today... So far the only damage done is the microphone is shot and the touchscreen is busted, but that's been busted for a while.
    I’m not sure how I’m supposed to write without a laptop to write with... I don’t enjoy writing on my phone especially with how much I’ve been on it since getting sick. Being on my laptop was my way to get off my phone for a time... I probably won’t be able to respond much till I can figure out my laptop situation.
    Okay, past three days have been beyond horrible. I thought I was past all my crap days but yeah apparently not. Feeling better today, but now everything is trying to ruin my mood which is already on shaky grounds. Approach this pregnant woman with extreme caution.
    Okay... So apparently today was a mental health day... Had a few panic attacks, threw my echo across the room 'cause it wouldn't shut up... Had a few quarterlife crises moments, cried a lot, and then actually did something productive because my mind scared me enough to do it. Now I guess I'm gonna relax and mentally recover from this rollercoaster of a day? I'll try to get to things tomorrow. Sorry guys.
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