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  • I'll try and get replies in later today. As ATM my computer is down due to a power outage
    sorry everyone got busy I'll try and reply when I wake up. Thank you all for understanding
    I will log in late tonight to reply to everyone. I do apologize for the delay but I will reply tonight or early morning tomorrow. (After midnight is what I mean)
    I am going to take our puppy to the vet for some shots but I'll be back after. Talk to you all soonish.
    I apologize to everyone whom may be waiting on a reply from me but I need some sleep. I will reply when I wake up
    I haven't been able to reply yet but I will after I wake up it's been a very busy day and I'm afraid I just ran out of time to finish all the replies.
    getting everything ready for a possible rl move. my wife and I are really excited
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