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Some people, even though alive, speak the language of dead like ghosts.

Well. I dont exactly know what I should place here that anyone should know about me. I guess Ill get to the basic info. Names Shasta, last name is forbidden to online viewers. I like to pretend online that Im this persona, a male demon named corpse or a possessed suit of armor named Genshin. Edgy names, i know, but who am I to judge. Im not too creative and it seemed to suit their characters. In the end I like to keep it all true though. I dont have a job yet, but when I do I have plans on getting a apartment and maybe pursuing my dream of saving enough money to pay for lessons, and maybe grow into someone that people could listen to during their past time.
I also am a very blunt, straightforward person. So if you dont like that then I don't recommend talking to me just to save us both some time. If i dont like something I will speak up about it with brutal honesty to those who dont understand what I mean by that, again I recommend not talking to me unless you are aware of that. I dont do it to be a dick but I am not going to sugar coat something to make a person feel better.
I care about everyone, and people who are in tough situations, dont feel accepted etc, and have links in my profile for websites and official sites for support and help so feel free to check it out if your feeling like it is needed.

I am also in full support of COPPA as well so keep that in mind please.

Things I do: RP, digital art, practice making music.

XboxX G-Tag: Brotherhood4687
pandora's box


I am going out. I crave violence. do not watch the news, call, or expect me to be back for a bit.

Tik-Toc: @shastadoesartz
We do cosplay, oc cosplay, and art.



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