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  1. Crow

    Side Story RAD!

    "Me Grimlock definitely good guy - good at job - kicking Decepticon tailpipe and making puny Decepticon sorry they ever meet Grimlock and all other Dinobots! Ahahaha!" Grimlock proudly proclaimed, then turned towards Sam, "wait, you little human fan of Grimlock? Until now, everybot always Prime...
  2. Crow

    Side Story RAD!

    Grimlock, offended, zoomed his snout towards Sophie. Light puffs of smoke emerged from his 'nostrils'. "Me Grimlock no thing, me king!" @Capri @Jeremi
  3. Crow

    Side Story RAD!

    A robotic T-Rex stood in stasis, before its blinking red eyes lit up. It cogs began to move as it opened its maws of steel teeth, roaring in dominance. "Me Grimlock not know what happened, but at least me no have to deal with that-" The one who called himself Grimlock looked around. "Me...
  4. Crow

    Open RAD! (80s themed rp)

    "Me Grimlock no bozo, me king!" Name: Grimlock Age: ??? Canon: Powers / Abilities / Equipment: Cybertronian Physiology - Grimlock is a Cybertronian, which means he can assume a 'robot mode' and an altmode. This usually means some kind of vehicle like a car or jet, but in this case, it's...
  5. Crow

    Side Story Twin Mirror

    "I have made this my new home!" A voice emerged from above as the various feral people were blasted by from the sky, disintegrating quickly. The source was an alien jet of some kind that altered its shape, the metal shifting into a humanoid formation as he landed on the ground. "In no way...
  6. Crow

    Side Story Twin Mirror Sign-Ups

    Name: Megatronus, the Fallen Age: ??? Canon: Organization: Citizen Other Info: He came to live here after much travelling around from his self-exile, helping others in repentence for what he did to Solus.
  7. Crow

    New User Hello Everyone!

    Neopets? Now that's a name I- - wait no I heard it last month.
  8. Crow

    New User Can I say Hello?

    Writing Home.
  9. Crow

    New User Can I say Hello?

    Hey, good to see you here too!
  10. Crow

    iPhone vs Android

    Android. I intepret the third as Android having more freedom and flexibility than Apple. Also cheaper to replace. I guess this comes from a heavy user of QooApp.
  11. Crow

    New User Hello Everyone!

    velkum velkum
  12. Crow

    New User Call me Min

    Welcome to this kooky town. I'll message when I can.
  13. Crow

    Side Story To Boldly Go

    While walking to the bridge, Doctor walked alongside Kiba. "What do you propose this new information is?" he would ask. "Good news? Or bad?" @Takumi @Jeremi
  14. Crow

    Side Story To Boldly Go

    "Gives me the creeps..." Jury Rigg shivered as he clung to Sasara during the shake. With his speedy hands, he would transform the makeshift barricade into a seamless, more durable barricade. "Fix fix fix! Fix fix fix! This should hold them even longer!" Jury Rigg, turning to Noah, exclaims...