I've loved fantasy genre and many others forever it seems. I have always loved reading & escaping thre daily getting & woes with a great book! I started roleplaying games between the ages 10-12yrs old when my eldest sisters and parents introduced us to Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). It swiftly became family game nights for my family. When D&D started happening less frequently, I found Yahoo chat rooms and messenger RPGs enabling, of course until the bots took over.

I was looking for rp again, but having no luck. Then, I met my fiance, Lobos, who introduced me to a new group friends. This was 2 rp sites ago & several yrs ago now.

As an adult now, I still play and host monthly D&D campaign with a small group of my friends. I also find myself intermittently trying to come back into storyteller's circle rp to escape life & hang with friends, but life doesn't always go the way you'd hope it & I often end up mia for sometimes months because stuff got crazy again.

I'm a gamer chick on PS4 & a few mobile apps, but mainly, I really miss rping with ppl. So hopefully, life will show ne this once since pleasure I enjoyed so much, once more.
Jan 25, 1988 (Age: 36)


[email protected]


"It is humanity's nature to destroy itself, why bother attempting to change it. In fact, I prefer to help it along." ~Mortyra Vox Luquyr


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