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    Interest Check Ad Astra, a mixed genre sandbox NRP Universe

    I would be up for this! Interested in bringing a union of tribes of high-tech fantasy orcs, if that's acceptable?
  2. Lazzamore

    Chronicle of the Void

    There was a time when no one knew the stars were so far away. No one knew they were host to planets not unlike yours. Certainly no one knew they would be such a vast frontier of adventure... Even still, their was never a time when society was not entranced by the night sky. As long as society...
  3. Lazzamore

    Interest Check Heroes of Adma - Fantasy Nation Build

    We have been on ice for a bit because of my finals, and then because of visitors to my home, etc... Y'know, life things. I do want to return to this, so short answer: Yes, you may join. Let's try to get this going now!
  4. Lazzamore

    Heroes of Adma [sign-ups, ooc]

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know I had not forgotten you. I am knee-deep in finals is all. I'll try to get back to this in a little bit, sorry for the delay.
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    Heroes of Adma [sign-ups, ooc]

    You are welcome to choose either. Both options are wide open
  6. Adma.png


    Version 2.0
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    Interest Check Heroes of Adma - Fantasy Nation Build

    Man, I only vaguely remember them, and I can't seem to fish out the only Roleplay they would be in... I'm sure we can work with whatever, though, so feel free to post any idea at your leisure.
  8. Lazzamore

    Interest Check Heroes of Adma - Fantasy Nation Build

    Mizzrym!! It's been forever! You are more then welcome to hop in.
  9. Lazzamore

    Interest Check Heroes of Adma - Fantasy Nation Build

    Alright, the OOC thread is up. I also included the Character Sheet template, please post them their too. https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/heroes-of-adma-sign-ups-ooc.7898/
  10. Lazzamore

    Interest Check Powerbolt: a Space Fantasy Faction-build

    https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/heroes-of-adma-fantasy-nation-build.7875/ Okay, check out the above thread and tell me if that interests you!
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    Pics related to any adma-based RP
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    The entire world as of Heroes of Adma
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