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  1. Lissamel

    Illusion Happily Never After

    Trickster? Oh, come on, it's not like he was that bad. Lead a bunch of children away one time and suddenly you were a trickster -- ain't that something? Mortiz didn't bother attending the little party -- he wasn't one for that kind of thing, why bother? -- but class was far less optional...
  2. Lissamel

    Illusion Happily Never After

    "Should've figured," He said just under his breath, but quickly he smiled again, shrugging. "Well! I'll be sure to show up at your sportsball games -- do me some favors and maybe I can...Influence the crowd to cheer a little louder for you!" He winked. He was mostly joking. Mostly. Mortiz...
  3. Lissamel

    Illusion Happily Never After

    "Hah, nice!" Mortiz was almost jealous. He barely tanned. Then again, he also wore a giant coat everywhere. "Elective? Gardening, actually." His smile turned casual, arms crossing. "I mean, if I have to take something, might as well take the interesting thing, right? Should probably actually...
  4. Lissamel

    Illusion Happily Never After

    "Hel-lo, Daisuke!" His grin grew wider, practically threatening to split his face in two. He waved back, then paused to wait until he was off the phone (some parents could be so overprotective -- forget dragons and ogres and things, those were the real monsters) and then answered his question...
  5. Lissamel

    Illusion Happily Never After

    Another year, another stint at Ever After High. Really, Mortiz couldn't really believe he was going here. Well, he'd been going here for a while now, but come on! The place was practically a palace in and of itself -- and Mortiz wasn't exactly one of those fancy-schmancy royals who got to mosey...
  6. Lissamel

    Happily Never After

    Appearance: Mortiz is tall and gangly, with many freckles, a birdlike nose, and an overbite. His hair is black (and always messy), his eyes brown. He wears a light blue polo shirt with white horizontal stripes, gray slacks, and brown oxford shoes. Over all this, he wears a long brown overcoat...
  7. Lissamel

    Happily Never After

    Reserve me the Pied Piper, if you're able ^^ Well, I guess the best time to get back into Convergence is when it's based on something I was super into in, like, middle school
  8. Lissamel

    Non-Canon Wonderfully Sweet Nothings [Valentines Special]

    Well well well, hadn't things got interesting. Oshare Bones wasn't much of a fighting man (most disputes could always be solved by rounds of Puyo, but considering his magic was taken away, that was useless), but he was more than content to stand back and watch the little...Invasion. It didn't...
  9. Lissamel

    Non-Canon Wonderfully Sweet Nothings [Valentines Special]

    Prologue Psychedelic! Well, well, well! Look at this place! Certainly high-end--Some place a man (er, skeleton) of his tastes would certainly appreciate. How fancy! How chic! And here he was expecting a chocolate factory to be boring. Had Amite not convinced him that he was invited for a...
  10. Lissamel

    Wonderfully Sweet Nothings (multifandom Valentines rp)

    "Ooooh! How fantastic! I've been looking for an opportunity to try on a few new outfits..." Name: Oshare Bones Age: ??? (Old enough to be 'a grown man', but a gentleman like himself never tells!) Canon: Puyo Puyo Abilities/Weapons: Perhaps we could settle our disputes with a round of Puyo...
  11. Lissamel

    Character Rosters

    Have Played (And knowing me, will play again, probably) Want to Play (At some point, probably) Maybe Play? (Characters I've considered playing quasi-jokingly but then decided to take too seriously)
  12. Lissamel

    Music Share: What's Playing?

    Been jumping between this and 'Birdhouse in Your Soul', which...Is kind of a bizarre pairing, saying it aloud.
  13. Lissamel

    7 Things about me

    I memorize song lyrics extremely easily and like incorporating them into things I have a tendency to give my characters (or my interpretations of characters) extremely arbitrary quirks and habits My lucky number is 21, and I think it's because a little booklet I got claimed Pokemon Mystery...
  14. Lissamel

    Books and/or writers that have helped you

    Kind of silly and ridiculous as it sounds, I think I draw a lot of my writing inspiration / influence from children's books? L. Frank Baum and Lewis Carroll have been huge influences on my style, as well as Norton Juster with The Phantom Tollbooth. If I'm being totally honest with myself I think...
  15. Lissamel

    New User [Clumsily stumbles in]

    Heya there, Michael! ^^ Although, it is Lissa, with two 's'-es--Don't worry apparently everyone makes that mistake, heh