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Sep 11, 2019 at 5:52 AM
Dec 30, 2017
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Flagship Character(s): Cute Anime Girls, Female

Why is it so hard to NOT make your posts too long and full of filler? Sep 28, 2018

MelodyMeister was last seen:
Sep 11, 2019 at 5:52 AM
    1. MelodyMeister
      Why is it so hard to NOT make your posts too long and full of filler?
    2. MelodyMeister
    3. MelodyMeister
      ”A writer writes what they know”....Huh, that says a lot about me with my mentally-challenged characters.
    4. Ottonomous Ghost
      Ottonomous Ghost
      I like your signature.
      1. MelodyMeister
        Thanks, I’m improving it later, but it’ll be the same!
        Feb 16, 2018
        Ottonomous Ghost likes this.
    5. MelodyMeister
      Something I’ve discovered is that role playing on this site is hard!
    6. MelodyMeister
      I’m not going to be on often, Sorry!
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  • About

    • Hey! I am a writer looking to roleplay with others, and I do just about any roleplay, although I suck at canon characters, endings and trying not to make the roleplay dark. Also, I’m new at role playing, so please call me out if I twinking or cheesing when I’m roleplaying. Also, I'm a novelist, so excuse the filler please. If it doesn't seem important, skim through it.

    I don’t watch much shows and I’m not in much fandoms, so I usually roleplay with original characters in original settings.
    I don’t have a liking for one liners and people who don’t give me something to work with, so please, don’t be just following my characters in roleplay. Well, I’m a hypocrite at times so that’s not a strict rule.

    I sound snobby...Well, toodles!

    Oh yeah! Just a note for myself to keep track of my roleplays. Currently, I am participating in:
    (Also participating in Ragnarok, I think)
    Happily Never After As Caroline Lewis
    2/3 Roleplay Spots Filled In.


    I can’t do a creative signature, so here’s my writing piece.
    You see John, with his plain but lovely brown hair, and stupid smile. He was like those boring choices in dating sims, but hey, there was a reason boring choices were always picked! You run to him, and gave him a hug. The boy seemed so innocent and happy, satisfied. You loved him, despite his flaws.

    You feel tears fall as his body disappeared and see what’s left, a grave. Those tears were hot, boiling tears, burming your eyes as they left you. You couldn't seem to stop. It felt like you were drowning in your own tears, only able to sniff for air.

    Oh why? Why did he have to go? Leave you with nightmares? Even after all this time, You feel like he just died yesterday.
    You notice a knife on the cold gravestone, and you pick it up with a smile, what did they name these thoughts? The Call Of The Void.

    You know what you must do. Tell me, do you answer back?
    You plunge the knife into the neck, and the blood flows all over your close clothes. You won't last any longer, you collapse on his grave, and as you are relieved of suffering, you see one last figure. John.
    "After this, we will be happy, right?"
    John smiles at you and gives you one last hug.
    "Of course, it would be. Just close your eyes.."
    Someone is in a coffin, You. Parents are in mourning, friends are crying, and while the funeral is beautiful, decorated in flowers and sentimental materials, there is a blanket of sadness over everybody, mourning their inability to save you.

    You were, no, are a gift. Everyone loved you, and all you needed as to realise that.
    You stab the knife into the dirt and step away, the knife was a temptation, surely, John would have wanted you to live, not to mourn him forever. You place down your flowers, and looks at the gravestone with a sorrowed smile amongst red, blurry eyes, before turning back to your parents and hugging them. They hug you back and tell you'll it'll be alright, despite the dark weather, and the misery you've felt since John had gone: You believe them.
    It's been a while since that night. Even though, for months, everyone's had to confort you, now, it seems like YOU are the one comforting others. It's been a long winter. Your friends have also gone through grief, after all, it was never just you. And you know, that some of them will also hera that voice, that call to the void.

    And what would you say?

    "There is no need to mourn what is gone. You need to think about it sometimes, but most of all? Look forward to the future."
    I’m sorry. I assure you, my writing is usually better then this.
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