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    Open Some Fun

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    New User Hello

    Thank you, I will be sure to do that
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    How did you discover roleplaying?

    I was like 13 in a chat at a friend's and they fall asleep while we were chatting with other people and I found a chat that was roleplaying so I jumped in and it was fun. Confusing at first but fun, this was when AOL messenger was more fun and open.
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    All For The Love Of Food -- (What's your favorite food?)

    Ground Beef Pretty much all I need, but what you do with it, can be endless. Of course...... I also love chicken for the same reason, but you have to do something with it, not just cook it bland....unless you broil it with the bone in. :)
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    What do you start with when creating a character?

    I always start with the idea, what I want them to be at the moment, and what that means to me. They kind of just evolve on their own, but the idea of what they are, is kind of the starting point and from there, it kind of just doesn't stop. They learn things from interacting and the world they...
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    Three Reasons Why I love Writing

    Because I get my ideas out and they aren't haunting me for days Because the world sucks and it's nice to escape and hard to find a book I like Mostly because it makes me more talkative and I can connect with others that have similar ideas and make a world all our own.
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    What is your greatest weakness as a role player?

    Too many details in my head and I can't keep up so I just skim it or forget about details. Also, sometimes I have very little to say when I rp and then there is the fact that I get distracted and forget what I doing or where I was going and my own posts don't make sense. I have bad grammar and...
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    New User Hello

    Thanks, and I don't want to threaten anyone, they are called promises, lol, j/k. Sorry, I didn't know what to write so I just started talking and everything came out :)
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    Favorite Character to Roleplay?

    LOL, glad Dame made the list, he is a good character and mischievous.
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    Favorite Character to Roleplay?

    Right now, Favorite character is Freya, last name always changes, but she is a woman that got into a car accident and lost her memory 9 years ago, had to relearn her family and everything. Her old brother is her best friend and she is going to live at her grandparents house and learn why she...
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    How did you get to your username?

    I like the way the Moon shines and MoonShine makes me think of alcohol, so I went with light.