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    the only humans in a world of magic --OOC

    A gypsy walked in and smiled. "Just wanted to say that I love this story. Please don't let drift away and become nothing. It has all of the parts to make something very epic. Or at least has me intrigued."
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    New User I lost my husband.....

    I could use some distraction right now....
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    New User I lost my husband.....

    Thanks. I'll be lurking around so don't worry about me not being around. Just not ready for much right now.
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    Why did you begin to do roleplaying?

    Back in 2002 I think it was, I got involved in community acting. I started out in children skits with hand puppets. I finally hit what I felt was the 'big time' for someone like me. Civic Theater. I did 3 plays, As you like it and Midsummers night by Shakesphere as well as Blythe's Spirit by Sir...
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    New User I lost my husband.....

    Thanks, @geniusinmath
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    New User I lost my husband.....

    The person who mattered the most to me died after a car crash. He made it to the hospital but with the stress, his heart stopped twice. After 1/2 hour they stopped. He was given stimulant shots but it was simply his time to go. If I am in an RP or discussion of making one, please forgive me...
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    Interest Check Resistance- Interest Check

    I am interested in this RP and would like to use Tangorn. I'll start with the background of the before the fusion and work my way forward if you didn't mind.
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    Open No Man's Land: Zombiepocalypse RP

    I have looked at the causes of blindness in babies. This is what I decided on. Ixonia was born with Retinopathy of Prematurity. Her mother fell from high wire while pregnant, jarring Ixonia out yet not all of the way. Her name is the only name she could come up with an "X" in to mark the spot...
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    Open No Man's Land: Zombiepocalypse RP

    Thank you! Not many people play with a handicap because of the difficulty of actually being able to portray that character as such.
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    The (Not) Cool Zone [open]

    Ixonia was walking along with everyone except that everyone was avoiding being very close to her. Who would blame them when there was a huge growling dog who was a bit cantankerous due to how far along in her pregnancy. A very protective breed and this one is fearful of strangers, Irish...
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    List of Characters

    CHARACTER APPLICATION: Full Name: Ixonia Yipslanti Alias/Nickname: Species: Gypsy Occupation: traveling circus worker Gender: female Date of Birth: April 1 1999 Hometown: Las Vegus Physical Appearance: Equipment: Walking stick Irish Wolf Hound Backpack: Empty water bottles, Dog...
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    Open No Man's Land: Zombiepocalypse RP

    Is it possible to be partially blind and with a handicap working dog?
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    New User Hello Writers One and All

    You are welcome. :)
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    New User Hello Writers One and All

    Hello and Welcome to Storyteller's Circle! I enjoy adventures, some scifi, Romance and RL. I hope to write with you soon!
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    Are your Oc's your Gender?

    Hi! I have both genders as well as an androgenous character that has not yet seen action. I am willing to RP with anyone.