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    New User I lost my husband.....

    Mystique I am so sorry to hear about your loss! Let us know if there's anything we can do, even just to distract you! <3 Sending all the love. Take all the time you need.
  2. Oakley29

    Where did you start?

    Omg was it Howrse? I was obsessed with that game!
  3. Oakley29

    Interest Check Resistance- Interest Check

    Sounds great!
  4. Oakley29

    Anyone down for a 1X1 fandom or OC roleplay?

    Anyone down for a 1X1 fandom or OC roleplay?
  5. Oakley29

    Interest Check Resistance- Interest Check

    The Resistance The Plot/Background The idea began with a clever scientist in Brittania, a powerful country encompassing most of Europe, who, in the beginning of his career, aspired to create powerful soldiers that could outmatch those of Brittania's rival...
  6. Oakley29

    New User Hello Writers One and All

    Thank you!!! Can't wait!
  7. Oakley29

    Favorite OC to roleplay?

    Tragedy and angst is my bread and butter <3 I have a HUGE list of OC's that I have loved: Sherlock RP- Oliver Watson- (John and Mary's son)- I have actually taken Oliver and stuck him into a bunch of different fandoms and he is always SO fun to play. He is a FLIRT and confident with addiction...
  8. Oakley29

    Are your Oc's your Gender?

    I am cis female and straight as a board but I actually wayyyyyyyy prefer writing males. I think because they are so different from myself but at the same time not different at all! That being said, I RP for male and female (cis) with different sexualities just fine, and I love for my characters...
  9. Oakley29

    New User Hello Writers One and All

    Hi! Nice to meet you, and thank you :)
  10. Oakley29

    Tell me 5 things about you.

    1. I'm a mom to a 6 month old girl! Let's call her Chip on here. She real cute. 2. I rode a horse before I learned to walk 3. I lived in England for 6 months and I WANT TO GO BACK. 4. I teach 1st grade in the U.S. of A. Scary right now, let me tell you. 5. Roleplaying has absolutely made me a...
  11. Oakley29

    How many characters do you roleplay with?

    TOO many, and I can give you backgrounds on each if you want XD Usually though it's Nick Baker, his love Oliver Watson, Hestie Willow, Blythe and his brother Sur, Jovi, Elyse, Sarta...
  12. Oakley29

    Where did you start?

    I started on a site called MyWarriorCats, which then changed to Swizeo, then TeenRPG, and I think fizzled out from there? Then I've just been RPing on Omegle, Tumblr, and now Discord for a while.
  13. Oakley29

    What was your longest continuously played Character?

    I have a few, I think: 1. Nick Baker- Nicky was actually created as a side character in another RP in about 2012. I always joke that he was never alive to begin with, so it's fine if he ends up dying. He was just a name on a list of casualties in a war, and then we ended up doing some...
  14. Oakley29

    How do you guys role-play romance?

    I think the best romances in a roleplay are ones that build over time. They can be planned or unplanned but starting them off from the very beginning makes it so much more satisfying when you FINALLY get there. Obviously discussing and planning with the other person is KEY- that way you both are...
  15. Oakley29

    What's The Hardest Thing About Writing?

    Right now, I am having a LOT of trouble coming up with a plot. I have a group of characters I adore from various different stories, and I would love to put them into their own proper story, but figuring that all out is so hard for me. I often develop the characters a ton and know where I want to...