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  1. Rachel Scarlet

    What style of writing do you use the most?

    What kind of writing style do you prefer when writing or RPing?? Ex. "Rachel: *grabs toothbrush and brushes teeth* " Ex2. "Rachel entered the bathroom and reached out an grabbed the toothbrush by the mirror" Etc. Personally I use the 2nd example style but I used to use the first when I started out
  2. Rachel Scarlet

    Returning User ''You must gather your party before venturing forth.''

    Welcone back! How'd you do on the finals??
  3. Rachel Scarlet

    New User Hello there

    Alrighty! Thank you for the welcome :)
  4. Rachel Scarlet

    New User Hello there

    I started RPing back in middle school and have been doing it for about 6-7 years now. Also quick question, will i be notified about being approved??
  5. Rachel Scarlet

    Referred here by another user? Post here!

    I saw @KrispyNugs post on my old RP forum
  6. Rachel Scarlet

    How did you find us?

    I saw a post on a dying RP forum i used to frequent that recommended joining here before the other site goes down for good.
  7. Rachel Scarlet

    What does everyone do for a living ?

    Im in college to become a systems administrator, I work in an apprentice position at a local business.
  8. Rachel Scarlet

    New User Hello there

    Hello! My name is Rachel and I recently found this site and am excited to get to RP again. I like to do group or 1-on-1 RPs, i really enjoy the fantasy genre and am willing to role play in pretty much any time period and location. Its good to meet you all!