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  • Quotes from Alena:

    "Weapons? Da! Armour? Da! Fighting spirit? Da! I am ready for joining the Endor tournament at any time!"

    "It is so much admirable to have dream like that. I have similar dream, of course. I am desiring to become most greatest warrior in whole world!"

    "Da! Love! Power of love is capable to overcome anything!

    Hmm? For why you are looking so delirious, Kiryl?"
    Quotes from kiryl:

    "Are we scaling tower without clear purpose? I, I must protest at this decision!
    ...Wh-What!? Nyet! I resent very much your implication! My opposition is not due to overwhelming fear of high places. Not slightly...! (gulp)"

    "He has problem with clever talk? I will therefore refrain from utilising my intimidating vocabulary."
    Kiryl is worrying about alena again
    Alena is running headlong into battle
    And Magolor is just chilling in the Lor starcutter watching kiryl chase after Alena
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