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  • Being busy. People hate it. But it is better to be busy than to be nothing.
    And to be nothing is better than to not know who you are.
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    I decided that since I enjoy making poetry, if anyone wants me to make them a poem (public or personal), just give me a topic and get my attention, and I will do so.
    heres an obvious one:
    write a poem about falling
    Doll by Aiden Cunningham

    I love my best friend
    Our friendship so tall
    Talk with her, play with her
    She is a doll

    When times are tough
    And my life begins to fall
    She is always there for me
    She is a doll

    But now a mere husk
    Being played with till night calls
    Goggled and torn, oh how my sadness grows
    I am a doll
    Disease by Aiden Cunningham

    Evil, hate, greed
    All but a mere sickness
    Spreading through mankind
    Men and woman alike

    There seems no cure
    There seems no stop
    Humanity naught but a disease
    Oh, how it needs to be wiped out

    But God has answered my prayers
    Spreading anarchy against the lands
    Disaster against disaster, disease against disease
    The cure is among us, oh how we'll be pure
    Srry that I was offline the past several days, it was chaos.))
    "Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies in us while we live." -Norman Cousins
    "Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget tossing in the lifeboats." -Voltaire
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