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    OOC Discussion

    I'd also like to stay. Research takes a while - a timeskip sounds useful.
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    INEF Advena

    Michael acknowledged the information that Cigma and Rowan had gathered as it didn't contradict whatever he himself could determine. "These patrols drones are relatively simplistic in their programming..." Michael pondered out loud. "Do you believe that you can determine the best way to...
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    OOC Discussion

    Oh, I didn't get any notifications from anywhere apart from here so I didn't realise it was my turn to post anywhere, though I did confirm my presence here last week.
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    OOC Discussion

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    Entrance Hall/Sorting Room

    "Ah, this drink... let's say that it's not for kids and leave it at that. I had to go through so many hurdles to get this approved. It's fancy too - changes flavour depending on what element you use. It'll keep us slogging through today." Caleb replied simply, winking at his fellow staff. It was...
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    Museums Truly are Gates to Other Times and Places

    It all made sense now. These people were still LARPing around and he was spoiling their fun! God, sometimes these so-called 'role-players' took it all so seriously. I might as well play along. Daniel thought to himself, as that was the most logical conclusion he could come to and he really...
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    Heroes of Adma [sign-ups, ooc]

    In case your nation has multiple leaders, describe each one in the sheet, so give answers for each leader for the goals and such.
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    Entrance Hall/Sorting Room

    Caleb looked around the hall and took in the sights. There were many students here, both new and old, and it felt like most of the newcomers were filled with a delightful mix of anticipation and excitement. Of course, nerves were high since today was a defining moment for many of the students...
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    Triteia Station

    Sebastian Lider Lab 2 "Bother me? No sirree, I just don't think about how pretty much everything that can go wrong will lead to our inevitable deaths and a huge loss of money. That sort of mental burden is too much for me so I'll just leave it to the accountants top-side." Sebastian shrugged...
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    Open Epic Role Play Ad. World of Magic

    Also interested
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    Ardin's School of the Elements/ASE (Discussion thread)

    We're just waiting for the go ahead from Snape.
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    Triteia Station

    Sebastian Lider Lab 2 Coffee - Sebastian's least favourite mode of caffeine injection. He politely took a cup and hid a surreptitious grimace as he he quaffed down a sizeable amount followed by a "Ah, that's the stuff". He knew that his opinion of coffee was somewhat controversial so hid it...
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    Interest Check Heroes of Adma - Fantasy Nation Build

    https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/heroes-of-adma-sign-ups-ooc.7898/ Here's the link to the OOC and signup.
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    Triteia Station

    Sebastian Lider Lab 1 The communicator buzzed awake with a crackle, cleaving through the silence in Lab 1 and startling Sebastian enough to make him drop the bundle of papers in his hand. "We'd appreciate it if you could head to Lab 2 so we can discuss what we have so far." Delilah's voice...