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  • Cinco de Mayo! The day of celebration for the victory at the Battle of Puebla. Also, National Astronaut, Cartoonist, Silence the Shame, Totally Chipotle, Hoagie, Bike to School, Skilled Trades, and Interpreter Appreciation Day! So, how about creating a cartoon about an alien interpreter astronaut dealing with a mental illness while eating hoagies and Chipotle, but not while biking to a trade school.
    May the Fourth by with you!! Yes, it is National Star Wars Day, along with Weather Observers, Renewal, Orange Juice, Candied Orange Peel, Foster Care, Teacher Appreciation, and Bird Day! So while you consider a new beginning in fostering, watch the weather while sipping on orange juice. Don't forget to share your candied orange peels with your favorite teacher and look to the birds!
    National SAN Architect, Lumpy Rug, Garden Meditation, Specially-Able Pet, Two-Colored Shoes, Paranormal, Chocolate Custard, Raspberry Pop Over, Textiles, and Montana Day!! Also, Melanoma Monday. Don't forget to buy new sunscreen every year. It weakens and expires just like any other product. (Continued below because this is long.)
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    So clean your textile rugs while learning about data management, then go relax in the garden with your pet while wearing shoes of a different color! Maybe have a picnic with chocolate custard and raspberry popovers! And beware of ghosts. All while in Big Sky Country!
    Hello to National Audubon, Dissertation, Help a Horse, Kids and Pets, Pretzel, Richter Scale, and South Dakota Day! What a day! How would you blend this mishmash together? Perhaps picking a pony for a kid to have while eating pretzels in South Dakota? And writing a dissertation about John James Audubon? And maybe watching a Richter scale at some point?
    Welcome to National DNA, East Meets West, Hug a Plumber, Telephone, and Zucchini Bread Day! So get yourself some zucchini bread and call up a history nerd to ask them more about Elbe Day during WW2, and then dig out a science book to learn about deoxyribonucleic acid. Just don't go hugging random plumbers unless you know them. Thank them, but don't hug them. That's just weird.
    Hello National Pigs in a Blanket, Kiss of Hope, Pool Opening, Rebuilding, and Sense of Smell Day! So make some pigs in a blanket for a Kiss of Hope charity for rebuilding a house at a pool opening! And don't forget to smell the chlorine! Or the roses, those are nice, too.
    Welcome to National Cherry Cheesecake, Picnic, Lost Dogs Awareness, Take a Chance, and Talk Like Shakespeare Day! I want to know why Talk Like Shakespeare is not as popular as Talk Like a Pirate Day, but in any case, today is your day to take a chance and push your boundaries! Maybe try out for a Shakespearian play after eating cherry cheesecake at a picnic to raise awareness for lost dogs. Enjoy your day!
    Today is an odd day. Welcome to National Earth, Jelly Bean, Take Your Child to Work, Teach Children to Save, and Girl Scout Leader's Day! Today is all about the future, it seems, except for jelly beans. I suppose you can take your child to work at the Girl Scout headquarters and teach them to save jelly beans while learning more about the ecosystem?
    Today is National Kindergarten, Chocolate Covered Cashews, and Administrative Professionals' Day! (Also known as Admin or Secretaries' Day.) Today is the day to take chocolate covered cashews to the administrative workers at your local Kindergarten! Right?
    Welcome to National Cheddar Fries, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Lima Bean Respect, and Look-Alike Day! I've never actually eaten cheddar fries or pineapple upside-down cake, nor have I ever met my look-alike, so I suppose those are my new life goals. Yay! I don't mind lima beans. I don't love them, I don't hate them, I just eat them in chilis and whatever lima beans are cooked in. Do you like lima beans?
    Hello, National Amaretto, Garlic, Hanging Out, North Dakota, and Oklahoma Bombing Commemoration Day! So today, hang out in North Dakota, have a garlicy treat while sipping on an amaretto drink and... pause for a moment of quiet to remember the 1995 bombing that took the lives of 168 people and injured more than 680. It was the most destructive act of terrorism on US soil until 9/11.
    Hello National Crawfish, Cheeseball, Auctioneer's, Haiku Poetry, and Ellis Island Family History Day! Ellis Island is truly a fascinating part of history, but I'm not really sure how to work it in unless we have an auction in haiku for crawfish and cheeseballs on Ellis Island, which just seems... weird.
    Today is Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day. It's other things, too, but that's the important one. PJs to work! Yay! Oh... Wait... I work from home and wear PJs every day anyway... STILL COOL!
    National Banana, Glazed Spiral Ham, Rubber Eraser, Titanic Remembrance, Take a Wild Guess, and High Five Day! So have yourself a spectacular dinner of ham with banana pudding while watching that Titanic movie and take a wild guess what to do with rubber erasers. Once you figure it out, exchange a high five! While wearing gloves or at least wash your hands after.
    On this cloudy and snowing day, it is National Dolphin, Gardening, Pecan, Reach as High as You Can, and Look Up at the Sky Day. Reach as High as You Can refers to goal setting and is a day that encourages everyone to evaluate their goals and to keep reaching for them! So, check out some dolphin facts, consider gardening (or look at someone else's garden), and look up while reaching for whatever your goal may be!
    Welcome to National Make Lunch Count, Peach Cobbler, Thomas Jefferson, and Scrabble Day! Ironically for a writer, I am a terrible speller, so I don't like Scrabble, but peach cobbler is amazing! Let's have some peach cobbler with lunch while learning about Thomas Jefferson. Did you know Thomas Jefferson was an avid gardener? He kept a gardening journal, which has been published as the Garden Book.
    Hello National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!! I love a good grilled cheese, myself, so that's awesome. Also, it is National For Twelves Day. I do not know why the awkward name "For Twelves," but today the special number 12 is celebrated! There's the obvious 12 months in a year, 12 eggs in a dozen, and so forth, but how many areas of your life does 12 play a factor in?
    Welcome to National Cinnamon Crescent, Farm Animals, and Siblings Day! Lovely, today is the day to give your sibling a cinnamon crescent and not treat them like a farm animal. Also, today is Encourage a Young Writer Day! Sounds like every day on this site.
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