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  • National Cherish an Antique, Chinese Almond Cookie, Former Prisoner of War Recognition, Name Yourself, Winston Churchill, and Unicorn Day! Today is the day to visit a shop and pretend like you could afford an antique, eat Chinese almond cookies, pet a unicorn, and learn cool facts about Churchill! It is also a day to try on a new name (maybe a new personality) and to recognize a POW for all they did.
    Today is National All is Ours, Empanada, Zoo Lovers', and Alcohol Screening Day! I looked it up, but I'm still not sure what "All is Ours" day is about, but Empanadas are tasty! The zoo in my city opens this Saturday, as it happens. Off you go to eat some empanadas at the zoo after getting your alcohol level checked then go learn what All is Ours Day is about!
    Welcome to National Beer, Coffee Cake, No Housework, Bookmobile, and Walking Day! Also, Childhelp National Day of Hope. I hate beer and coffee, but I do love me some coffee cake while skipping out on housework, but I have never walked to a bookmobile. More soberingly, it is the Childhelp National Day of Hope, a day set aside during Child Abuse Prevention Month to ask everyone to commit to fighting child abuse.
    Today is... today is... today is "I'm so tired I cannot think about national days" day. Allergies hitting me hard. Allergy meds harder. Why don't you guys tell me about the national days today? If you need me, I'll either be napping or pretending like I'm awake while still actually napping. :emoji_sleepy::emoji_sleeping::emoji_sleeping_accommodation:
    Welcome to National takes a deep breath Love Our Children, Chocolate Mousse, Tweed, Find a Rainbow, Film Score, Handmade, and Play Outside Day! And World Party Day. So go find a rainbow outside with children while listening to a film score and eating handmade chocolate mousse! And wearing tweed socks. Can't forget those.
    On this day we celebrate National Ferret, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Reconciliation Day. Also, Good Friday, and World Autism Awareness Day! So, if you celebrate it, Happy Good Friday to you! (Or is it Merry Good Friday?) How about reconciling with someone by giving them a peanut butter and jelly sandwich then take some nice ferrets to play with some autistic children and learn more about what they go through?
    Eh, I don't feel like doing these anymore. I don't think I'll be doing anymore "fun facts" or "day of's" or anything like that. It's just not my thing anymore. So I guess this space will be blank from now on.
    Happy April Fool's Day. :cool: Also, National One Cent, Sourdough Bread, Burrito, Alcohol Screening, and Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action. Day.
    You had me in the first half, not gonna lie
    It is National Manatee Appreciation, Little Red Wagon, Clams on a Half Shell, Tater, Bunsen Burner, Crayon, and Prom Day! And... what the heck am I supposed to do with all of that? How about we chuck the taters, crayons, and the clams into a Bunsen burner and ride in a little red wagon to a Manatee-themed prom. Who's going with me? We can take turns riding in the wagon!
    Hello and welcome to National Doctors', I am in Control, Pencil, Take a Walk in the Park, Turkey Neck Soup, and Virtual Vacation Day! You would think Turkey Neck Soup Day would be closer to T-Day in America. So have some soup in the virtual park while learning about the background of I am in Control Day, and do not forget to take a moment to appreciate pencils and doctors and especially pencils used by doctors.
    Hello National Lemon Chiffon Cake, Nevada, Mom and Pop Business Owners, and Vietnam Veteran's Day! I've never had a lemon chiffon cake, but they look tasty, so why not bring me one from a Mom and Pop bakery while on your way to Nevada to spend some time with a few Vietnam Vets?
    Hello National Joe, Spanish Paella, and Scribble Day! Also, International Medical Science Liaison Day. Joe being the "cup of joe," not the person, though I like the idea of the person better. So! Have a cup of joe with your Spanish Paella while encouraging kindness through art. Perhaps by sending a hand-drawn picture to a medical scientist?
    Today is National Nougat, Spinach, and Epilepsy Awareness Day! So be sure to eat your spinach before digging into the candy while wearing purple. I am not always a fan of nougat, but I do like spinach (yes, I am weird), and I will happily wear purple!
    Hello National Lobster Newburg and Medal of Honor Day! Also, World Tolkien Reading Day! I have never had Lobster Newburg, but it sounds tasty, and while I really like reading The Hobbit, I could never make it through the LotR books. Expression of shame. So! How about finding someone who had earned the Medal of Honor and taking them some Lobster Newburg then read a Tolkien book to them?
    Today is - deep breath - National Chia, Chip and Dip, Melba Toast, Near Miss, Diabetes Association Alert, Puppy, Agriculture, 3-D, and Tamale Day!! So take care of your Chia pet plant as your tiny contribution to agriculture, eat some chips and dip with Melba toast and tamales, but don't feed any to your puppy, and maybe catch a 3-D movie about a diabetic having a near miss. Did I get them all?
    Hello, National West Virginia, Bavarian Crepes, and (most importantly) Goof Off Day!! You heard me right. Today is a national holiday celebrating goofing off. So if you need me, I will be in West Virginia eating Bavarian crepes and goofing off in some field somewhere. Laters! :cool:
    Welcome to National California Strawberry, Common Courtesy, Fragrance, French Bread, Single Parent, and Countdown Day! Also, World Down Syndrome Day! So while we all countdown to our next big event, let's have some strawberries and French bread while practicing common courtesy to all, including those with Down Syndrome. Maybe give a fragrance to the single parent in your life.
    SPRING HAS BEGUN!! Also, it's World Flour Day, because flour is super important. On a national level, we have Quilting Day, Ravioli Day, Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, and Proposal Day.
    And here we are on National Let's Laugh, Certified Nurses, Chocolate Caramel, Poultry, and Backyard day! Sounds like a good combination of days to have on the last weekend before the official spring Equinox. So, let's all gather in a backyard, invite the nurses, and eat chicken with chocolate caramel for dessert, and have a good laugh! Maybe hire a comedian? Other than me, of course. ;)
    Welcome to National Farm Rescuer, Awkward Moments, Biodiesel, Sloppy Joe, and Supreme Sacrifice Day! Not sure how to combine these... Make a giant outdoor sloppy joe banquet to thank those who rescue farms and who put their lives on the line every day in any dangerous line of work while enjoying the awkward moments those types of gatherings always create and... drive there using biofuel?
    Today is National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day, which ties right in with St. Patrick's Day, but did you know it is also Small Business Development Centers Day? Basically, a day that celebrates the people and centers that do all that fiddly stuff to try to help a small business thrive. You know, research, marketing, workshops, tech, security.... So wear green, eat cabbage, and plan a small business venture today!
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