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Roleplay Directory Rules & Guidelines

Roleplay Directory Rules & Guidelines

What kind of forums can I add to the directory? Our directory is for advertising forums dedicated to play-by-post roleplaying. Your forum can be a single forum wide roleplay, or a forum that hosts many roleplays. As long as the primary medium for roleplaying is the forum itself.

How do I add a roleplay forum to the directory? Simply fill out our questionnaire and submit it. Submitted questionnaires are typically reviewed and processed within 48 hours.

Is there anything I need to do before I can use the directory? Yes. You need to post our link-back button in a visible location on your forum. Forums that don't have our button visible will be removed from the directory. This just a mutually exchanged of courtesy for the coverage gained by having a listing in our directory to in turn give us a link-back from your own forum.

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Roleplaying Forum - Multi-Genre Roleplay Forum

Are there any restrictions on what can submitted to the directory? Yes. Due to Storyteller's Circle being a hub of activity for users of all age groups, we ask that no straight up xxx rated boards be submitted to our directory.

Is there anything I have to do to keep my listing in the directory? Just keep your forum active. Any forums that appear to be abandoned or have fallen into disuse with months of inactivity may be removed from the directory to make room for more active forums. You're always welcome to resubmit a forum if it gets removed due to inactivity.