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Roleplay Directory

A directory of roleplay forums.

Storyteller's Circle's Directory of Roleplay Forums

How to use this directory: You don't need to be a member of Storyteller's Circle to submit forums to our directory. Simply read our Directory Rules to ensure your forum meets our guidelines, then place the provided link-back icon on a visible page of your forum before submitting this questionnaire.

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Roleplaying Forums - Multi-Genre Roleplay Forums

Site Information Description
Name: Abstract Reality

Category: Mixed Genre - Science Fantasy (Supernatural, Fantasy, Science Fiction)

Forum Type: Single Roleplay

Abstract Reality is an original freeform roleplay with unique lore. Players may help build upon the plot and build the world in their roleplays.

Who will you side with?

♦ Eokia: Pure divinity created the mystical continent of Eokia in the days of old, and what stands in the place of an escape for those under the oppressive thumb of anti-magic sentiment is a land brimming with activity and complexity.
♦ Necropolis: An ever-expanding city stemming from the womb of a dark universe, ruled by a Lord of Darkness, who represent that which are alien, malignant, and crawl in the farthest reaches of reality.
♦ Sanctuary: Bolstered by unfathomable technologies created by a shadowy government, the nation of Sanctuary is a safe haven built for the purpose of shielding humanity from knowledge of the horrors that lie both outside and within their walls.

Name: Beautiful Creatures

Category: Semi-realistic, multi-species animal roleplay

Forum Type: Single Roleplay Forum

Beautiful Creatures is a semi-realistic multi-species roleplay where four Dynasties fight for ruleship of the Motherland. Arkouda Dynasty - the Bears of the North, the Skotadi Dynasty - the Felidae of the South, the Eleos Dynasty - the Herbivores of the East and finally the Fengari Dynasty - the Canidae of the West. Which path shall you take? And ultimately will you live or die like so many have before you? Join now if you wish to find out!

Name: Candide

Category: Dystopian/Post Apocalyptic

Forum Type: Single Roleplay Forum

Candide is a 3-3-3, laid back, no word count roleplay site with a heavy emphasis on character interactions and development in a more sandbox-style environment. If bleak, dystopian worlds mixed with a dash of the supernatural are your thing, you're in the right place.

Name: Dragonriders of Pern: Legacy

Category: Fantasy

Forum Type: Multiple Roleplay

Welcome to Dragonriders of Pern: Legacy. We are a 14th Pass, semi-canon RPG based on the works of Anne McCaffrey. Our story thus far is based on imagining what Pern might look like after a one-two punch of industrial innovation, and a checkered past of socioeconomic unrest that shook the old world down to the foundations. Loosely inspired by the Victorian Era and the Roaring Twenties, our modern 14th Pass Pern is finally on the upswing with the mining of asteroids over the last hundred turns for the resources Pern herself lacks. The population is swelling, and congregating, in major Holds—turning Fort Hold into a booming metropolis of intrigue and investment.

Name: Elvera

Category: Multi-Species Canine, Semi-Realistic

Forum Type: Single Roleplay Forum

We are a beginner friendly, semi-realistic, canine text-based rpg. We feature a friendly community, large and beautiful world with 100 unique territories to explore.

Name: Fire & Ice

Category: Multi-Fandom, Superantural beings, real life, fantasy, etc.

Forum Type: Single Roleplay Forum

Fire & Ice is a multi fandom roleplay where anything and everything goes! You can play any type of character here. You can create your own original character or bring in a character from any TV show, movie, play or novel. You can roleplay your character(s) in their own worlds or a new one entirely. Anything goes here! We strive to provide a relaxed atmosphere where you can expand on the old world of your characters or create a brand new way for them to exist. People are more than welcome to create timelines for their own characters here.

If any supernatural character or character with powers of any kind, including superheroes, get stranded on one of the islands or western ghost towns, their magic is stripped from them. They become just like any other regular human! There is magic hidden, untapped on the islands, but they would have to figure out where it is and how to access it.

Name: Fish & Chips

Category: Doctor Who, Science Fiction

Forum Type: Single Roleplay Forum

The Eleventh incarnation was supposed to be his last, since it was technically considered his "thirteenth" incarnation and ended his given regeneration cycle. However, thanks to Clara Oswald and a miracle through the crack that followed him from Amelia Pond's wall, the Doctor was given one last bout of golden energy -- one last life, which restored him but also brought on a new face. A new, yet old-looking face that would one-day remind the man who questioned his morality of his earlier incarnation's time in Pompeii and why he had chosen to be called the 'Doctor' so long ago. Following the Twelfth Doctor and his continuing adventures with Bill Potts, Fish & Chips explores what we determine should have been the Doctor's final incarnation, as well as all his other lives, adventures, and people that came before it in a big melting pot where the travelling never really stops.

Name: Hitokuchi Roleplay

Category: Anime Multi-genre

Forum Type: Multiple Roleplay Forum

一口 Hitokuchi Roleplay! An +18 unlimited animanga forum. An easy-going community of all roleplaying levels and types, where you choose how your story goes! Multi-genre you can craft your own stories with original characters or start some fandom fanfiction. RPG rating: L3 | V3 | S2

Name: Mectre

Category: Multi-genre

Forum Type: Multiple Roleplay Forum

Mectre is a celebration of all things fantasy, urban fantasy, and sci fi. We are meant as a haven for writers, artists, & musicians — a home for creation and inspiration.

Name: The Power of Belief

Category: Fairy Tales, Post-Rise of the Guardians, Panfandom

Forum Type: Single Roleplay

The Power of Belief is a post-canon Rise of the Guardians site that takes place in the year 2020. Since his defeat, Pitch Black has crawled out of the darkness and aimed to take the belief of others, aiming for fear to spread as an absence of belief consumes people. The only people who stand in his way are the Guardians.

Name: Ramis Fatorum

Category: Wolf/Animal

Forum Type: Single Roleplay Forum

Three packs, each vastly different from each other. rule the lands: the kind and enduring Vertok, the cruel and power-hungry Sanzin, and the mysterious and withdrawn Au'Dar. A fourth company roams the land in the form of the loner's Guild, the Mercurior. The fate of the packs has yet to be decided while the story of the past is yet to end. Their past is filled with secrets. Whether or not it will affect their future is up to you to decide. Ramis Fatorum features a character-driven present-time plot and pre-plotted past timeline. Characters are made for the present timeline and as their story progresses, may uncover the past. The past is filled with hidden histories and secrets whose effect on the present is yet to be seen. It is up to you to find the hidden truths.

Name: A Requiem of Fire

Category: Game of Thrones/Fantasy

Forum Type: Single Roleplay

A Requiem of Fire is a jcink premium ASOIAF & Game of Thrones roleplay forum. I’m this timeline, Robert Baratheon was killed in Robert’s Rebellion by Rhaegar Targaryen. With the Targaryen’s hold on the Iron Throne, betrayals and claims from across the sea threaten their centuries-long reign. How will your character fit and shape the story in A Requiem of Fire?

Name: Resolution

Category: Modern Fantasy/Supernatural/Fantasy

Forum Type: Single Roleplay

A modern fantasy role play that's based in San Francisco. Humans know nothing about the supernaturals around them. Supernaturals do their best to keep things that way and try to keep the peace. Sometimes something has to give. ~Relaxed atmosphere with no word count. Multicultural. All are welcome.~

Name: Square One

Category: Animal RPG

Forum Type: Single Roleplay

An online writing-based animal roleplay community that focuses on collaborating with others, building new worlds, testing out a variety of game mechanics and having fun! There is no limit to what type of animal character you can create, or how to write them. Choose how you want to play, whether on the boards, Discord or both!

Square One Banner
Name: Tainted Ones

Category: Mixed Themes

Forum Type: Multiple Roleplays

Tainted Onez is Tainted wing's personal message board which was set up for role-players, designers, chatters, artists and writers.

We offer:
> Sandbox Roleplays from PG to M rated.
> Earn forum gold, collectables and more.
> set up Shops.
> Earn Awards from events and Role-playing.
> Events
> areas for Graphics and stories both fanfictions and original stories.
And more to come.

Name: Tallygarunga | The Australian Potterverse

Category: Non-canon AU Harry Potter universe

Forum Type: Single Roleplay Forum

Tallygarunga is an all-original post-Potter roleplay, set in present day Australia. With a unique magical school, a university and the Ministry of Magic open for play, all we need is you!

Name: Vive

Category: Animal

Forum Type: Single Roleplay Forum

We are a unique roleplay focusing on creativity and imagination. Start with one of our three basic species, and customise them to your heart's content by earning points through roleplay. If you've ever wanted to roleplay a pink spotted, flying leopard, or a toothed albatross, this may be the game for you!

Name: The World Within

Category: Original Modern Supernatural

Forum Type: Multiple Roleplay Forum

The World Within is a place where the Supernatural lingers and makes its home, and where humans are slowly waking to the understanding they live with Supernatural peoples. it is the place where supernatural creatures, and sympathetic humans, come to be safe, live their lives, and find their place in the world. It might not always be pretty or clean, but there will be adventure and friendship.

We are an original modern supernatural RP using a sandbox design with character-driven progression. Our environment and classes are broadly defined to allow a wide range of characters and creative freedom. Come join us and create the character you've always dreamed of. ALL are welcome. No word count, non-canon, no application, creative freedom. We are a premium jcink forum rated 3-3-3.