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  1. Nyssa Dunlap

    Open SCP Foundation thread, anyone?

    submits Ahsoka Let's see how they deal with that lol
  2. Nyssa Dunlap

    Open SCP Foundation thread, anyone?

    Anything in particular? Like guard, scientist, random Jedi for no reason...I'm kidding on the last one
  3. Nyssa Dunlap

    New User Hello, hello!

    Hey! Fellow INFP and Star Wars nerd!
  4. Nyssa Dunlap

    Returning User Mika's Return ♡

    Hello there, fellow INFP-T!
  5. Nyssa Dunlap

    It does. I hate them

    It does. I hate them
  6. Nyssa Dunlap

    I got braces

    I got braces
  7. Nyssa Dunlap

    Open Morbid Stuff (A Horror RP) Sign-ups

    Name: Padmé Amidala Appearance: Age: 25 Canon: Star Wars Short Bio: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Padm%C3%A9_Amidala#cite_note-SWEPadm.C3.A9Amidala-1 Weapons/Abilities: she has a small blaster
  8. Nyssa Dunlap

    Open Morbid Stuff (A Horror RP) Sign-ups

    Lol I understand Threepio would probably be more freaked out tho XD
  9. Nyssa Dunlap

    Open Morbid Stuff (A Horror RP) Sign-ups

    Fine by me! I'll get to that second character asap Kinda tempted to use C-3PO but idk if I can
  10. Nyssa Dunlap

    Open Morbid Stuff (A Horror RP) Sign-ups

    Name: Ahsoka Tano Appearance: Age: Chronologically, how old is your character? 45 Canon: Star Wars Short Bio: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Ahsoka_Tano Weapons/Abilities: Ahsoka has the Force, and wields two white-bladed lightsabers. There's also a bird named Morai that follows her...
  11. Nyssa Dunlap

    I hurt

    I hurt
  12. Nyssa Dunlap

    Non-Canon The Paper Parade

    As the man fell to his knees, Daughter sat down next to him. She closed her eyes as he spoke, allowing the Force to translate his words to a language she understood. He thinks I'm a witch? I've been called many things, but not that. Opening her eyes, she spoke, using the Force to translate so he...
  13. Nyssa Dunlap

    Open SCP Foundation thread, anyone?

    I have no idea lol Again the only one I remember any details about is 999 and I'm in love with it. (it? them? her? him? Idk SCP pronouns lol, or at least 999's pronouns)
  14. Nyssa Dunlap

    Open SCP Foundation thread, anyone?

    I'm interested, even though the only one I'm familiar with is 999 lol You know I'll end up typing random numbers asking what they are XD
  15. Nyssa Dunlap

    Favorite Fandom

    In my opinion, Star Wars. Sure, there's a lot of lore, but you can use pretty much anything and there's likely an equivalent in Star Wars. Sentient rock? Vintian. Vampire? Anzati. And you can always create your own species, like I did. It's a Felucian dread beetle. Its carapace is the size of a...
  16. Nyssa Dunlap

    Non-Canon The Paper Parade

    Daughter had been confused upon receiving the invitation. She had no grandfather. However, her curiosity got the best of her, and she found a way to come. At nearly seven feet tall, the glowing woman towered over many of the partygoers, and she looked around for someone to speak with. All three...
  17. Nyssa Dunlap

    Side Story Paper Parade: Sign Ups.

    Canon Appearance: Character Name: Daughter, may go by Ashla to avoid confusion Canon: Star Wars Character Bio: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Daughter/Legends Powers/Abilities/Equipment: Daughter has the Force, and as a Force Wielder, is very powerful. She is the physical embodiment of the...
  18. Nyssa Dunlap

    Official I'm New and Still Need a Roleplay to Join Thread

    Hey y'all! I love writing and role-playing. It's chaotic at home right now, so replies might be slow. Depending on my mood, I might write anywhere from one-liners to paragraphs upon paragraphs. I'm obsessed with Star Wars, but I'm open to other things as well
  19. Nyssa Dunlap

    What's The Hardest Thing About Writing?

    Honestly, I'm not sure. I think it's either getting it written out or coming up with ideas. It always drives me nuts when I can't think of anything, and some of my best/dumbest/craziest work comes to mind when I'm supposed to be asleep or when I don't have access to something where I can't get...