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    AL: New Dawn

    Sebastian gently slung his bag over his shoulder and grinned at his new traveling companion. "I feel like I just went through a screening process for a new best friend!" He glanced around the hallways with interest before stepping into the elevator. The idea of confining himself into an...
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    AL: New Dawn

    Sebastian blinked in amazement. "Really? I mean, thank you!" He returned the sharp smile with a genuine one of his own. He picked up his bag and stood. "I have everything I need right here, so I can go wherever you want me to be! I travel light. Do you know who I'll be traveling with yet?"
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    AL: New Dawn

    Sebastian flicked his ears, his tail tapping the chair leg as he thought. He felt a bit like when you packed to go on a trip: it was easy to remember to pack the unusual things like the swimming trunks, but hard to remember the daily things like the toothbrush. He went over his daily life in...
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    AL: New Dawn

    Sebastian studied the pictures for a moment. They looked so happy that it felt unreal to him. He'd long since learned that pictures were the easiest lies to create, and yet as he studied their body language and looked for the tiny tells that were virtually impossible to hide, he could find...
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    AL: New Dawn

    "Oh, gosh," Sebastian said, flopping with precision carelessness into the indicated chair. "Thrive? I never really thought about that. Surviving week to week was an improvement over day to day!" He grinned at the Bav and ran a hand through his hair. "Let's see. I've always kind of wanted...
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    AL: New Dawn

    Sebastian raised his hand as he followed the other into what looked to him like an office. "No offense meant, of course. It's a bit of a habit. I'm so used to calling pretty much every race by the street alternative. I don't even know the real name for some of them, but I'll do my best to...
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    AL: New Dawn

    Sebastian shoved one hand into his pocket while the other held his bag over his shoulder. "A doctor, huh?" he said, surprised. "I wouldn't have guessed it. My only experience with doctors is they tend to be one of two things: The good guys that are harried and worked to death and have no time...
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    AL: New Dawn

    "Right, whatever you say, Doxie!" Sebastian said cheerfully, twitching his ears comically, trying to hide the surge of anxiety in his chest. They were surrounded by water with no way out? No, these fish people had ways out, and he was a decent swimmer. Surely he could find a way out...
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    AL: New Dawn

    Sebastian tensed but managed not to jump too badly. His ears perked up and his tail twitched in agitation. He took a moment to get himself together before grabbing his bag and standing. "Here!" he called and sauntered over to the strange, fishy fellow. "Hey, how's it going?" He grinned at...
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    AL: New Dawn

    Sebastian sat in his chair a little away from the others, his back toward a wall. He splayed out as he sat, his head up and a faint smirk on his face, but the hands holding his waterbottle between his spread knees stayed close to his body in an instinctively protective manner, and his sharp...
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    Why do smoke detector alarm batteries always choose the middle of the night to die, causing the...

    Why do smoke detector alarm batteries always choose the middle of the night to die, causing the alarm to beep incessantly until you can figure out how to reach it and wrench said batteries out of the squalling device?
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    Can't know unless you ask.

    Can't know unless you ask.
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    I'm newly approved. Cool! Not usually on this late.

    I'm newly approved. Cool! Not usually on this late.
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    Tell Me About Your Pets!

    I have two cats, both of them rescues. One is an older cat I got about four years ago. She's a brown and grey tabby with arthritis, virtually no teeth, and a great disgruntled look, but she is all about cuddles and likes to lick until you don't have skin any longer. The other is about one and...
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    New User Unnecessarily long Intro

    @Machina Somnium, thanks! That does look quite interesting. I'll definitely consider sending in an application for an interview. ;)
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    What do you start with when creating a character?

    I usually start with a generic concept of what I'd like to see in a character. Sometimes, I'll see a picture on the internet and create a character around that.
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    Tell me 5 things about you.

    1. I live surrounded by beetroot fields and haven't eaten a beet in years. 2. I have two cats. 3. I like walking but don't like riding a bike. 4. I find mathematics to be a mystical, magical art that I cannot grasp, yet it somehow drives the world. 5. Dr. Pepper is my favored drink of choice...
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    Any anime recommendations?

    I don't watch much anime, but I do like two series: My Roommate is a Cat, and Grimore of Zero. The first is very chill, and the second has a fantastic magic system and an interesting world.
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    How many characters do you roleplay with?

    I tend to work with a lot of characters as I make a new one for every RP (or at least I used to, not sure if I'm going to do that now). I am currently only interested in trying out two characters, Chrys and Gray, but if they don't fit into any RPs... time for new ones!
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    What is your favourite animal?

    The quokka. It makes me smile like an idiot. As a pet, probably cats are my favorite animal. Maybe fish.