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  1. JessieJames

    The World of Others

    It is the modern day where all sorts of creatures have decided to show their existence to mankind who has grown to doubt their very presence. This decision was invoked by Rhiannon the current head of the vampire race and agreed upon by other fathers of other races including the current rulers of...
  2. JessieJames

    Plot ideas (discussion)

    Got an idea for the plot throw it here! If we like it we will work it into the storyline.
  3. JessieJames

    Want Ads

    Looking for a way to engage other role players and their characters but can't figure out if they might be open to it? You could ask them directly which I highly advise or post a want ad here! State the sort of scene you are looking for as well as what you would like to gain out of the scene...
  4. JessieJames

    Non-Playable Characters

    Non-playable characters are characters in which no one may own or use as they please. If you need to enteract with an NPC --for example, the Hokage-- one of the GMs will play the character. This is how it will be till we need it to be otherwise. Thank you for being understanding in this...
  5. JessieJames

    Jessie's Get-ups

    Theses are my toys.
  6. JessieJames

    Training Grounds

    Train, exercise or play a few games of hide and seek with the children.
  7. JessieJames

    Ramen Shop

    Best food around!
  8. JessieJames

    Hokage's Office

    Need a mission or to report for one? The Hokage is just about lives at his desk.
  9. JessieJames

    Other Villages

    This is more or less a thread to tell you what you need to know to make a new village. Name of village A blerp about the village and what it brings to the board in the current roleplay. Who approved of you creating the village. Each village will be limited to one thread! If more than one...
  10. JessieJames

    Orchimaru's Hide Out

    Limited access area to be used only for furthering the main story arc. Hidden some where in the mountains this vast network of underground caves link and twist in upon themselves to form a vast, confusing city of darkness and mystery. Few who venture in every find their way out.
  11. JessieJames

    Cross Roads

    Travels, travels and more travels. Forests, plains, and many more breathtaking natural features can be found out here, one merely has to get to them. Besides the beauty and the relaxing peace that come from being away from the hustle, bustle of the city life, there is danger. Real a true...
  12. JessieJames


    Currently all nations are entered into an alliance that allows freedom of trade and travel between them. Due to this there has been advancements in technologies and medicine. (This is subject to change as the storyline moves on.)
  13. JessieJames

    The World

    The history of the world is well known up to the Great War. During the war many people meet their ends while others are forced to survive in their memories.This leads to many people becoming distance in this time of peace. Several shinobi are unsure if peace is something that can last even the...
  14. JessieJames


    The technology advanced a lot after the 4th Shinobi War. Most things are at modern level now. Technological advancements in medicine and surgery left it possible to get limbs replaced with either organic limbs or prosthetics. Other benefits of this advancement is that some wounds that were...
  15. JessieJames


    Just like making characters? Post them here! Any characters adopted from this page must by credited back to the person who put it up for adoption! Other than that have fun with it! The characters posted here are guaranteed to have been looked over and are approval ready.
  16. JessieJames

    Available Clan Slots

    These slots are for clans that need to be regulated for one reason or another. The more members we have the more of these slots will be opened. Uchiha- 1 slot available Hyuga - 1 slot available
  17. JessieJames


    Travel around the village and enjoy the shops and what not. The village is a vast expanding city that stretches in every direction once one passes through the gates. Where there were once walls now stand road ways that lead to other parts of the village. All sorts of eateries, hotels, and shops...
  18. JessieJames


    Welcome to Konohagakure! All newcomers must pass through these gates just as all leaving must. Tall structures of wood form a wall whose top is nearly unseen thanks to the trees that encroach upon them. They command one's attention making them wonder what lays at the heart of this hidden...
  19. JessieJames

    Character Sheet Template

    Copy the character sheet below and feel it out. One should be fine if they follow the rules listed in this section. If not, your character will be rejected. Your character should NOT be overly powerful. This means that your character will not be a secret sage or extremely powerful shinobi...
  20. JessieJames


    This is an open world roleplay. In other words you can do whatever you please as long as it conforms to the rules laid out in Rules of Engagement and are consistent with the lore and laws of Naruto Universe. There will be an overall storyline that you can choose to participate in or not. If you...