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  1. JessieJames

    Chronicles of War

    Sounds good @Kierri. Let me know if you need help with anything.
  2. JessieJames

    "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." ~Stephen Hawking

    "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." ~Stephen Hawking
  3. JessieJames

    Chronicles of War

    It is the person hosting it is busy currently I believe.
  4. JessieJames

    Team 2: C Rank Escort Mission!

    Kirina couldn’t help but smile at the three kids as they took the rice balls. Ryuu’s chakra brushed against her own causing her to flare hers slightly in warning that doing such things could cause problems. She kept her smile in place but stared at the boy with a gaze that bled with her dislike...
  5. JessieJames

    [EVENT] Everwinter || Balcony

    Sabra Anubis Sweet fresh air filled his lungs as he pushed out onto the spacious balcony that was still currently empty. It pleased him to see it that way. With more speed than he intended he rushed to the railing and leaned on it for support. Shivering slightly as his magic raced over his skin...
  6. JessieJames

    New User My Introduction

    Hello and welcome @Datasage! I hope you find what you are looking for in every way. There are many rps here that allow OCs. An epic I have currently is Shinobi World a Naruto based RP. What sort of others are you looking for? And I believe there are a few DC and Marvel based rps around here...
  7. JessieJames

    [EVENT] Everwinter || Main Hall

    Sabra Anubus The hall they stood in was breathtaking in its own right but only reminded Sabra Anubis of how far away from home he was. While temples were made of great pillars and wide open spaces they were hung in rich tapestries that allowed the eyes to remain on the person speaking to them...
  8. JessieJames

    Team 2: C Rank Escort Mission!

    Shuhe had a damn fit over the dirt the kids kicked up. While Kirina couldn't help but tilt her head slightly to the side and stare at the chaos behind the pair. Most of it was due to Ryuu but she figured he needed some encouragement her blue eyes slide to the Hyuga that vibrated with unchecked...
  9. JessieJames

    New User About Arthur King

    Awesome to see you getting around!
  10. JessieJames

    Resolved/Answered How to rp

    Sure feel free to bug the admin down in the chat after a reasonable amount of time. Sometimes you have to put yourself on their radar and they will tell you what you still need if you ask as they can tell more about the trophy points you have.
  11. JessieJames

    Resolved/Answered How to rp

    I see. :3 Well first off you got to work to get your profile approved before you can do much of anything. You do have access, I believe, to view anything on this site just not post in any areas besides the Intro and departure forum. You should make a post there and tell everyone a little about...
  12. JessieJames

    New User Do I need to post here?

    *Notices Tiko's angry face.* Well I hope that blows over like a salty sea breeze. :D Any who welcome! Hope you get passed the startline and when you do you should tell us more about what you like as far as roleplays! ~Jessie James
  13. JessieJames

    New User Wyvern Rider

    If you are into magic and college life I would suggest Akashic Arcana. Perhaps fanfiction? Shinobi World. A traditional vampires, demons and others? Then the World of Others. Hope to see you around! ~Jessie James
  14. JessieJames

    New User A Transfer of Energy

    Welcome to our hodge podge of roleplayers. The World of Others falls easily into the modern fantasy genre. Hope to see you around! ~Jessie James
  15. JessieJames

    New User Hi. . . Am I doing this right?

    Lemon blooded? That's a new one I'll have to check out how that goes over at some point in the future. Welcome to our hodge podge of roleplayers. Should you need places to live out the lives of those 115 characters there are many places to do so! If you are into magic and college life I would...
  16. JessieJames

    Resolved/Answered How to rp

    What exactly do you need help with? Perhaps telling us where you got your start will help us help you. Table top? Computer games? There are many ways to roleplay on this site. Classic Dungeons and Dragons style, play by post, and epics. Epics are sort of a combo of the other two depending one...
  17. JessieJames

    Hollow's Den

    That smirk of his became demonic in appearance as he stared at her. His head was tilted towards her making his white bangs fall in front of those eerie black on gold eyes. The very air around his person seemed to shiver with his pleasure at being inside such a place, "I'll take you up on that...
  18. JessieJames

    Chronicles of War

    I would like to see where this goes. Sign me up.
  19. JessieJames

    The World of Others

    It is the modern day where all sorts of creatures have decided to show their existence to mankind who has grown to doubt their very presence. This decision was invoked by Rhiannon the current head of the vampire race and agreed upon by other fathers of other races including the current rulers of...
  20. JessieJames

    Night to Remember

    He arched a brow at her question to return to the Hollow's Den. It was odd to say the least but he supposed he couldn't deny her the pleasure if she desired it, "If that's where you want to go then I'll take you back there," He states as he finishes his food, "I'm sure things have calmed down a...