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  1. Smackaswaggie

    Interest Check The Lost Souls

    Alright so I want to start a roleplay with 6-8 people and was wondering if you guys want to join. I want you to make a character that represents you in the way that you think your like but also with some excitement. If you need to know the genre its going to be modern fantasy mixed with horror...
  2. Smackaswaggie

    This or That

    Have a red pill that gave you anime powers or a blue pill to put you in any anime world
  3. Smackaswaggie

    Bug Help pls

    So umm I came back and everything but it says that I have to get approved again so umm whats happened
  4. Smackaswaggie

    Returning User Whats up!

    Hey yall I have returned sorry I was gone for that long brief period of time and it feels good to be back
  5. Smackaswaggie

    Anime talk

    What is your favorite anime and what is the reason why it is your favorite.
  6. Smackaswaggie

    Would You Rather?

    Simply ask the question Would you rather and then come up with two things for people to chose. Example: Would you rather have cheese or Milk.
  7. Smackaswaggie

    Todays News

    What are some exciting things that have happened today?
  8. Smackaswaggie

    If you could be any favorite person/character who would you choose and why?

    Mine would be Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul Because one I would be invisible to all humans and number 2 I would like to be him because I relate so much to him.
  9. Smackaswaggie

    For people who want to talk with other people and to socalize.

    Hey there people I know I have done a introduction but if you would need anyone to talk to because of stuff that is going on in your life please shoot me a PM so then I can talk with you. hope you all stay well and safe.
  10. Smackaswaggie

    Good Afternoon/Morning/Night Everybody!

    how is everyone doing this time of day/night and what are you doing at the moment?
  11. Smackaswaggie

    New User Hello!

    Hello there, I am Kingpurge and I just got into roleplay not to long ago and its has an interest for me. I am interested in Fantasy Roleplays.
  12. Smackaswaggie

    New User Hello There

    My name is Purge I am a man I am kinda new to roleplaying but I want to do some fantasy roleplays.