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  1. justanisabelakin

    an imperfect flower (yes its a cringe name i know im not great at naming things)

    yes yes cringy ass title i cant come up with names lol, anyways onto the encanto base prompt isabela madrigal... that name rung a bell for almost anyone in the encanto...a young woman with beauty like non other. flower petals followed her with every step. she had a charming and delicate...
  2. justanisabelakin

    i litearly just want to do an encanto rp

    hello! im looking for someone to do an encanto rp with? id like to play isabela but i can play alot of characters however isabela, dolores, and pepa are the 3 im the best at. im new to roleplaying this fandom so please be paticent with me things i need: semi-longer responses (preferably like...
  3. justanisabelakin

    rp for me and geniusinmath

    idk what to put here but basically a child is adopted by a rich family
  4. justanisabelakin

    daycare rp

    hello everyone! this is just a generalized daycare rp you can play as many characters as youd like they can be ocs or already existing characters as people join ill be making a please dont include list with peoples triggers and ill be making a list of characters!
  5. justanisabelakin

    the sound of change

    the loud sounds. large crowds of people. everyone rushing to get to theyre destaination. itd be overwelming for just about anyone. thats when you see it. a fermiliar face within the crowd. from her hair her eyes facal structure everything was the same. the only difference was the way she...
  6. justanisabelakin

    hybrid horrors(i couldnt think of a title)

    (T/W: [email protected] pl0t p0int, hybr!d [email protected], th3 [email protected] of a [email protected](s)) they were all dead. thats what you thought at least. you had assumed all of your kind had died. at least it was rare to find others like you. everyone had killed them. it was just you and your family. that was until you had went...
  7. justanisabelakin

    my characters

    note: i tend to leave backstories and personality to be revealed in rp character sheet if you want it: name: age: species: gender: hair color: eye color: siblings: made by/in: name: august age: 12 species: bunny-human gender: female hair color: brown eye color: orange siblings: N/A made...
  8. justanisabelakin

    hello im new and looking for someone to rp with

    im fine with just about anything but dark stuff tends to be my go to so if we rp please just let me know your boundries ill prob play as maki or an oc
  9. justanisabelakin

    New User um hi ;w;

    hello im new here im currently searching for someone whos open for darker rps (of course if you have any triggers andyour comfortable telling ill respect that and keep that out of the picture) im not going to state my age but im a minor you can call me evan i go by he/they i tend to rp stuff...