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  1. Crow

    Pokemon: Stretched Through Time [OoC Discuss]

    Character Sheets here. This thread is for discussing things.
  2. Crow

    Pokemon: Stretched Through Time [Character Sheets]

    OK, here they are, ladies and gentlemen. Notes: Your character is of the modern era and will travel back in time. Whether your characters know each other is up to you. But do know that they will live in the same town of Daffodil. Your character can have 1 Pokemon, 2 Pokemon or even none...
  3. Crow

    Interest Check Pokemon: Stretched Through Time [Interest Check]

    Woo! Now that I'm sifting back into this site, and I see that it's gotten a lot more members, let's try hosting an RP. So, the basic plot is that during a terrible world-ending scenario lead by someone who appears to be a young girl wielding the power of Giratina, a few youngn's (maybe some...
  4. Crow

    Pokemon RP

    Well, I just felt that this site needed a Pokemon RP, so here I am. I'll push the ideas further if I get four other people, but for now... let's see what's in my mind. Regular Roleplay Ideas: 1. Standard Issue Regiongoing. Whether it be a canon region or a made-up one for this RP depends on...
  5. Crow

    Rage of Bahamut: The Four Schools [Interest Check]

    While finishing up Manaria Friends/Mysteria Friends and remembering the Rage of Bahamut craze of the 2012s, I thought of this little thing. If I'm successful in recruiting enough mates, I'll set this up as an Epic Roleplay. After all, it is meant to be split and cut by concept. The land of...
  6. Crow

    Cyphon Miracles [Cygames Crossover Roleplay]

    Note: This game is set to start earliest 13th January 2019. We have started right over here! Sign ups will be open until the End of Chapter 2. Our worlds have been merged as one. Worlds with different laws, realities and existences. Worlds never meant to meet. The sun beats into your...
  7. Crow

    Princess Cronus | Arc I

    Out-of-Character It has been a while since that fateful day. The fateful day where the two met. "That nightmare again..." The little lady who went by Saturn rose from her bed, looking about before unleashing a great yawn, a sign that she had discarded her slumber for the physical world...
  8. Crow

    Crossovers Between Roleplays

    Something's been crossing my mind lately. You see, I always see roleplays that are crossovers between existing, official properties. But I'm wondering - are there any crossovers between two or more roleplays? If there are, they must be real rare. Whether it be roleplays by the same guy...
  9. Crow

    Princess Cronus | Int. Check

    yea yea i know Let's move on to the meat & cheese of the thing. Princess Cronus is an anime-themed, Greek Mythology-inspired Modern Fantasy Roleplay. So, basically, the story starts off in a small Japanese town known as Kuri-shi. There are a few Roman Deity statues here and there, and the...
  10. Crow

    TransformersXPokemon Crossover - Epic Roleplay Interest Check

    After some consideration, I have decided to initiate a TransformersXPokemon Crossover in the form of an Epic Roleplay. Continuity-wise, this will likely stem from the Aligned Continuity. It will be sometime after the Autobots & Decepticons find themselves on Earth. They hide among humans and...
  11. Crow

    The Evrensel Conflict -- Chapter 1: The Only Easy Day was Yesterday

    "I'd prefer a happy ending, but I guess we'll have to settle for a deconstruction, huh? What am I, a magical girl?" Ben, unaffected for the most part, smacks his Omnitrix down. He began to shrink in size and turn into a smaller, red, gremlin-like being. "Jury Rigg! Ehehehehe! This isn't over...
  12. Crow

    Dragon Ball RP?

    Basically I had an idea for a Dragon Ball RP which takes the veins of Dragon Ball Online. Essentially, it takes place in a distant future where all(or most, since some of our cast members have longevity) our heroes have long gone by the sands of time. Our characters will start off low tier...
  13. Crow

    Isekai Jumper!

    Basically I had this in my mind for a while after all these Isekai anime continued to pop up one by one. This story starts with three/four childhood friends that part as they graduate primary school, going their seperate middle schools and seperate ways. Over the course of time, through...
  14. Crow

    Ben 10 AU RP [Warning: Extra Weeby]

    Alright boyos and girls, here's the gist of the plan. This is an alternate reality from the primary Ben 10 universe. There is no Ben, Gwen, Kevin or Grandpa. There may be some canonical characters, but I need to think on that. In this reality, there are ten Omnitrix Wielders, however, only...
  15. Crow

    Thread No Longer In Use.

    Index | Out-of-character | In-character | Signups Any comments I have on your application will be delivered via the Out-of-character discussion. Please post all applications in this thread. The cast list will be featured on a tab in this thread. I would prefer it if each character had his or...
  16. Crow

    [Modern Fantasy][Anime RP] Princess Cronus

    This RP will be Japan-oriented as much as the Percy Jackson series is America-oriented Alright maybe not that much but you get me. Don't expect the original copy of the Odyssey to be inside Tokyo Tower. This is a rebooted RP. The last time I rebooted it was on a very nonpopulated peaceful...
  17. Crow

    Genderbending Legends/Deities/Worshipees/Whatever you call them

    In case you couldn't tell, I'm a hugeass- - yeah, let's cut to the chase. So anyways, a lot of series, particularly those of Japanese or Korean origin, love to take liberties of genderbending famous heroes, legends and the like? I'd show you that gallery of Dictators as grills as an example...
  18. Crow

    New User Greetings!

    Art thou Crow. That is all I can say for now. I look forward to roleplaying with all of you.