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  1. Moose

    Open Wild Moose Spotted

    I'm looking for more rp again. I generally respond once a week with greater delays on occasion, try to respond every couple days or so, and I try to be communicative. I try to tailor my post length to the situation, sometimes it gets as short as a single paragraph, usually it's two-three. I like...
  2. Moose

    Open Infinite Ikea! Trapped Forever

    REJOICE SCP FANS! I have decided I wanted to do the Infinite Ikea as an RP Ok, so infinite ikea is what it says on the tin for the uninitiated. The food automatically restocks itself every so often, but there are also the "Employees" who are great hulking monstrosities that try to kill you when...
  3. Moose

    Full Looking For Jaded Adults Who Have Retired (unwillingly) From Adventure [Narnia-like]

    Why weren't Lucy's first words after coming out of the wardrobe "shit! I have to go through puberty again?!" well, now we get to explore those adventures. Playing as jaded adults who grew up in a magic world and now have to deal with being kids again, this time in a completely mundane world...
  4. Moose

    The Eternal Youth of the Powerful Mind

    Aoife stood upon her tree, six redwoods intertwined and spiraled upwards until they split again, their branches making a complete canopy beneath them. The mountain cave that her teacher had, influenced her decision. But she wanted to make her own monument to nature, growing and sculpting this...
  5. Moose

    Fizzy Beverages, Hand Puppets and Quick Getaways

    @Geck0 James tapped his fingers on the surface that he was resting on. It was a metal table that was simply a squared circle, a pile of magazines on the lower part of it. He would be fusing with it to get moving, but that wouldn't work, it had no moving pieces. He would just feel the table and...
  6. Moose

    Moose characters

    Here are my characters that won't be important to ISMA overall, but will be present in RPs, usually just as normal player characters instead of important plot peoples.
  7. Moose

    Cultural Information

    While there are many variations that can be said to be had across all cultures, humans in general share quite a bit of common ground even across the imaginary lines we create. As such there are stark differences between life in ISMA and life on Earth even without the magical usage. Though there...
  8. Moose

    Open 5 Passengers Needed For A Magical Journey Across The Stars

    Inti "The Sun God" Nina left the planet a few hundred years to search for beautiful sites. He found his own planet and came back, wanting other people there so that he could have company to appreciate the majesty of its land with him. He has taken a few hundred thus far, and wants to take more...
  9. Moose


    There are many species who are under the sway of ISMA, and ISMA regards nearly all of them equally. And while ISMA holds all races in high esteem there are those within their ranks who do not. ISMA does not allow for discrimination for the placement of workers, however in the interest of...
  10. Moose

    Templates for character sheets

    These are templates for character sheets, it is not required that you use any of these formats, but at least look at the basic as it has the bare minimum information laid out necessary for approval.
  11. Moose

    ISMA Planes and Planets

    In the world of ISMA there are many planes of existence and planets, here I will be giving more information than exists in the small blurbs in each of the subforums. This I hope will give people a more accurate picture of the world and give more inspiration for RPs therein.
  12. Moose

    Magic Schools and Tier system

    Here will be information for the magic schools and the tier system implemented by ISMA. Watchful eyes will notice that the Tier system, like standardized testing, just shows what you are capable of in very specific, measurable ways. The tiers can often be political rather than related to skill...
  13. Moose

    Notable Individuals

    Here will be important individuals within the society of ISMA. These may be politically powerful, particularly talented, or simply famous within the culture. These people are titled and have spaces within the lore. Attempting to occupy the same space in the lore as any of these is an immediate...
  14. Moose

    Open Epic Role Play Ad. World of Magic

    I am working on a magic epic role play that I would like people to be able to make their own RPs within and I would like to do a few guided stories within it. I know I have the interest of at least one person, but I'm trying to make sure that there's enough people that are gonna be playing...
  15. Moose

    Open Endless Hunger

    In this world, there is magic amongst the mundane. One can take the latent energy of the world around them and make wonders, however this comes at a cost known only to those who use the magic and the dead. While the immortal soul exists, god does not, and those who die are faced with a choice...
  16. Moose


    Hello, I am working on recreating a world I built previously but lost most of my notes to it when a previous RP site I was on shut down. I would like to request some feedback not on the conceptual ideas themselves, but on whether my writing makes sense. Do I describe a thing in a way that gives...