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    Obsidian Knights EAST (OOC General Discussion)

    @OniIgnasha Hey, just wanted to point out that I think we already have hydroelectric power, so you may wanna amend your post to say that Mechanica is trying to upgrade their current plant? Rather than looking for help building one from scratch. AFAIK East has some hydroelectric and some wind...
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    Adenovirus 423

    I feel as though my characters ought to have been subject to revisions prior to their approval based on this new information. One of them is a mechanic who, as written, is capable of most things a modern day mechanic would be capable of. The other is an electrician with a lot of computer...
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    Adenovirus 423

    Name: Robin O'Quinn Age: 17 Gender: Male Gang: Obsidian Knights (East) Appearance: Robin stands at 5'8 in height, and is, like Casey, slender but not skinny. His red hair generally falls in a messy, untamed mop, falling just shy of the bottom of his neck. More cute than he is handsome, his...
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    Adenovirus 423

    Name: Casey Hart Age: 17 Gender: Male Gang: Obsidian Knights (East) Appearance: Casey is of average height (standing at 5' 9"), with a slender but lithely muscular build. His platinum-blonde hair is of middling length, falling to the nape of his neck at the back and in a messy fringe at the...