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    Fate Stay Circle

    Name: Max Foster Age: 20 Gender: Male Nationality: American Spellcraft: Counter-Magic: Max's primary magical training has been that of how to counter and negate the spells and magical energies of other magi. He himself is resistant to magical effects through years of filling his body with this...
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    A Drageloc RP: Finding Our Interest

    gibe star pliase or I repot
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    Looking for GM for realistic graphic post-apocalyptic role play

    I'm not aware of any myself, but I'm sure there are plenty of sites out there if you google for it - just be sure to read through the site rules of each first to save time. ;)
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    Looking for GM for realistic graphic post-apocalyptic role play

    Hey there, Tiddlywinks - afraid I'm going to have to burst your bubble due to the site rules! As stated, you're welcome to include adult themes in the roleplay, but not ... Apologies! You're obviously welcome to make the roleplay provided adjustments are made to remain within the rules, but...
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    Fate//Circle Poll

    I'm very confused >_>
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    Fate//Circle Poll

    I'm not sure what you mean - just visually? We won't be forcing people to picture the world in a specific way. :p The setting is an AU Earth, if that helps answer?
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    Fate//Circle Poll

    I mean, to an extent? Characters can come from none-animu-style RPs obviously, and people can picture the world in whatever style they want. The concept itself is fairly animu and I imagine the fighting will be to a limited extent. :p
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    Fate//Circle Poll

    The mages are intended to be original characters, actually - so the Servant would be a Masquerade character, and the mage would be an original one made for this RP (which will be set on an alt-earth, like the VN/anime). That said, you can obviously repurpose your other TM character for the...
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    Fate//Circle Poll

    The Masquerade character would qualify, due to being from one of the site's Epic RPs :) But aye, you can only pull your own characters (unless you get the original creator's approval)
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    Fate//Circle Poll

    I'm posting here almost purely to bump this but in order to disguise my cunning spam I will veil it in commentary. Yes. This is a good idea. A good idea in which I am no way affiliated with. Indeed.
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    Tapestry of the Ages D&D Campaign Interest Check

    If you go with 5e, I'm definitely down for this :)
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    Post Apocalyptic Zombie Roleplay

    Just play a perpetually tired teenager, they're basically the same thing.
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    Enchanted Dragon's Dojo (Combat focused Chat RP)

    I'd be interested in occasionally knocking around some fite RP, although it's far from my forte :P I've done it a bit in the past. I'd agree with stats not being a good addition, though.