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  1. Script

    Saint Anselme Complex

    as written by Script Approximately fifteen years ago A wash of crimson light poured from the chamber, followed swiftly by screaming. It was barely muffled by the thick protective glass separating Ghyslain from the chamber's interior. Around him, the other members of his team watched in tense...
  2. Script

    Lutetia City: Auclair Academae

    as written by Script Auclair Hall was a grand and beautiful building, four storeys tall (and with a tower that stretched higher still) and constructed from smooth white stone. Even in Luskonios, where extravagant architecture was the norm, it stood out from the crowd. At the forefront of...
  3. Script

    Lutetia City: Academie Delacroix

    As written by Script Some weeks ago... The campus of Académie Delacroix more closely resembled the grounds of an estate than those of a school, a testament to the institute’s wealth. A private school with exorbitant fees (for Lutetia), it played host to the children of the nation’s elite...