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  1. Cypher

    Departing Au revoir

    I'm leaving this site. I guess I can't delete it so, rot it shall.
  2. Cypher

    Question How does one delete this?

    I'm done with this site. I didn't see a delete option or button.
  3. Cypher

    The Chaos War

    Jin nodded to the young man as he quietly walked away, collapsing onto the bed unceremoniously and releasing a heavy sigh as the heavy door closed with a flick of his wrist in its direction. There were certain spells that he knew so well that he didn't even need his spellbook for them anymore...
  4. Cypher

    The Chaos War

    Jin nodded slowly as Amy spoke, his eyes still locked on hers until the ghostly boy approached him. Turning to the young man, he nodded once and followed after him. Looking back at Amy as they left, he spoke quietly though his voice carried as if he had yelled, "Thank you." A slight smile as he...
  5. Cypher

    The Chaos War

    Jin nodded silently with an somewhat interested expression, well aware of the legend of subterranean demons plaguing the Kaananite Dwarves for decades. He'd once even heard a story of one of the demons possessing a Dwarf and murdering a few families before being put down by the returning brigade...
  6. Cypher

    The Chaos War

    "Ha. You've connections with the Dwarves of Kaan Mountain, it appears. I've not seen stones like these in something like a century." Jin chuckled as he rode slowly toward the high black fortress, admiring the strong architecture. Glancing over at Amy as she gazed upon some demonic gems, Jin...