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  1. Blitz

    Ok everyone I need to apologize.

    I'm sorry that I've been gone so long I'm in the process of moving with my wife and we keep running into a few snags. my replies will be slow but I will continue them as I can Feel free to start your own story lines and the like I don't want to hold anyone back from roleplaying on this group. I...
  2. Blitz

    OOC Request to join

    Please post here if you would like to join this roleplay when it opens up to more players in the future. I do realize the group is full currently but it may eventually have room for more players as everyone grows comfortable with the group roleplay.
  3. Blitz

    Character Development Thread (Past)

    Ze'v being 21 entered the City for the first time the sounds and movements of each person making him jump constantly. His father had just passed on during the last winter and this left Ze'v to bring the furs and such to town to try and sale them and gain medicine for his sick mother. He has yet...
  4. Blitz

    Characters and Character Sheets (OOC)

    Crystal Purge City: these characters can be classified into 3 categories Pro Magic, Anti Magic and Neutral. Royals: King: Rawlis Zulimar (Pro magic feels those who have done no harm shouldn't be sentenced)Played by Blitz Queen: Priscilla Zulimar (Anti Magic feels all magic should be in the pit...
  5. Blitz

    Dark Hollows Images (OOC)

    Here is a few Images as I imagen the inside to look like: Random deaths that haven't been touched nor investigated in the Dark Hollows
  6. Blitz

    Crystal Purge City Images (OOC)

  7. Blitz

    OOC Chat

    Going to move our ooc here
  8. Blitz

    Crystal Hollows -main

    The City of Crystal Purge stood like a timeless masterpiece against the cliff edge the water below in the cove gently slapped the cliff side. The city was busy with the daily lives of those who have lived peaceful lives for centuries. The echo of bells sounded the entire city only every so...
  9. Blitz

    Full Crystal Hollows (Mature Themed Roleplay) More opening may happen later

    This Role-play is mature Themed; as it will have hints of death, theft, possibly smoking ,Etc. (Multiple adult themes) Werewolves, Vampires, Witches, Warlocks, demons, and Shifters, are all types of Supernatural or magical beings, They are in reality a minority in this world. This Type of...
  10. Blitz

    OOC You can Use details from this thread to open your own threads

    Here is a brief territory intel for those of you wanting to start a (topic) Thread about where you live in the territory, what you plan on hunting, love stories etc. we will be in this territory for a while and I leave it up to each of you who want to utilize this information or add on to it...
  11. Blitz

    How is everyone?

    I'm well today and excited to see everyone who's joining our world :D Let me welcome everyone.
  12. Blitz

    Open Spectral- Epic Roleplay- Recruitment

    Welcome to the world of Spectral: This role-play takes place in an alternate reality where the Mega-fauna never went extinct. Most animals exist from our world the only creatures that do not exist are all primate related. This world is solely inhabited by standard creatures with unique hues as...
  13. Blitz

    Questions and Answers

    a few questions some of you may have: Q.) Can I make my own threads A.) yes of course you can Q.) do my threads have to be in the time line of the main Event? A.) No, You are not required to be in the same time line. Q.) how many wolves may I roleplay as A.) as many as you feel comfortable...
  14. Blitz

    Main Event - Moving - Open

    The territory of Fire mountain is thick in smoke not from fire but from the constant burning mountain top. The smoke covers the den area thickly but also masks the scent of the wolves that live here. The forests around the den are thick and not many creatures would dare live this close to a...
  15. Blitz

    OOC - Events

    This one is to talk about upcoming events and to give idea's for events.
  16. Blitz

    Rules for the Spectral

    No god modding This Role-play will have several members be respectful to each. No Meta-gaming. (( https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/metagaming-in-roleplay-what-it-is-and-how-to-avoid-it.7508/ )) Wolves in these groups have one thing in common, they can...
  17. Blitz

    The Different locations and What is in each

    I'll start with Lunar lake Territory Lunar Lakes territory: Within this territory you will find hills of different sizes along with 3 lakes all of which are in Crescent shapes like the moon. the Forests around are thick in area's and a bit of grass land is present. the moon that rises over the...
  18. Blitz

    Types of Animals in Spectral:

    Giant sloths- plain's and forest areas Short-faced bears caves American cave Lion caves near grassy plains and forested area's Miracinonyx (American cheetahs not true cheetahs, more closely related to the Puma/ cougar ) mountainy area's Saber-toothed cats (like Smilodon and the scimitar cat) Any...
  19. Blitz

    Sleeping Thread

    was used as a testing thread to see where I could move threads to for a minute while I fixed the lay out of the roleplay
  20. Blitz

    Pack Ranks ** Request**

    If someone has a rank you'd like please discuss in the ooc chat the possibility of a challenge. Alpha Male: Male Lead Wolf Alpha Female: Female Lead Wolf Beta Male: second in command of the pack Beta Female: second in command of the pack Gamma: This a Secondary rank only wolf names will be...